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1:1 45 min Distant/Virtual Reiki Healing and Coaching Session

Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese energy healing. This session will be mostly an energy healing session, the remainder will be a coaching session to support you with practical steps. By using the healing Reiki Energy I will support you in identifying and clearing any energetic blocks, receive information on what/why that block is there and balance/refresh your energetic body.

If you’d like to discuss how this can support you or which may be the best fit, schedule a call here or schedule directly here.

I am certified in USUI Reiki level 1 and 2.

1:1 Offerings 10

1:1 90 min Private Breathwork Healing + Coaching Session

I’m back offering Breathwork in private session form! This session focuses on breath being the main tool though it is Reiki infused.

We will begin by checking in with what is present that day and I will intuitively guide a personalized session for you. We will discuss and process together afterwards. I will offer coaching on practical steps so that you can integrate and use what showed up in the session powerfully in your business and life.

 Click here to chat with me about if this is for you. FAQ here.

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1:1 Private Human Design Reading

COMING in 2021.

Find me on Instagram to stay tuned on when it’s being offered! 

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Private VIRTUAL Group Breathwork Session

DM me, send me an email or schedule a call! 

What you receive:

-Customized 90 min guided session

-Facilitated sharing

-Customized playlist

-Customized group journal assignments