On My Radar: Peach and Lily’s Ask Lily service

Don’t be fooled- great lighting and i’m wearing coverup! I spy my shingle scars though.

It’s been a year since I moved to LA and I’m still struggling to get used to some things. My skin and the climate is one of them. There’s definitely something different about the air and water in LA. My east-coast born and bred skin and hair have never been drier than it is now and it’s been hard trying to adjust. Not to mention, it doesn’t help that my acne undoubtedly comes from stress/hormones. When I put on makeup it gets oily or cakey by the end of the day. It’s like my skin reads that as moisture and sucks it up! My skin is rarely moisturized enough for the scarring, redness and discoloration to go away.

I’ve been trying to find some ways to get used to it and calm/treat my skin as I’m not moving anytime soon.  Besides trying to eat better, stay hydrated and sweat more, along with some other lifestyle changes, naturally, I’m turning to Korean/Asian cosmetics for help in skincare. I’ve noticed American products don’t sink into my skin that well nor do they really work as well as I would like. Wouldn’t it be nice to get to the point where I can wear little to no makeup (#goals)! I tried some new Korean products from Soko Glam based off of some reviews and did buy some products months ago but after awhile, I realized I didn’t really know what I was doing… so recently I consulted Peach and Lily’s “Ask Lily” program, which provides customers free skin consultations and advice personalized to skin’s needs. Their team of licensed cosmetologists and estheticians select professionally recommended products for you based on your skin type and/or skin concerns.

So I emailed them a few weeks ago.

They were a bit delayed in getting back to me, which I was frustrated about because I’m eager to treat my skin, but it was with fair notice. Their automated response does note that they will get to customers in a timely manner, but I only heard from them weeks after.

It was worth the wait.

They apologized, and gave me a coupon along with an extensive list and explanation of their recommendations. You can read that here (it’s too long to include in this blogpost). I’ve also included my first impressions of the product!

FullSizeRender (33)

I ordered almost all of the products, except for the sheet masks, scrub and eye cream. Since I have a stash of sheet masks (my mom made sure I was fully stocked from my last trip home) and I have a scrub from Soko Glam.

It’s been a week since I received the products and I’ve been slowly incorporating them into my routine. Last night I actually did as much of the Korean skin care routine as I could (I’ve been double cleansing which is new) and I woke up with brighter skin. Hopefully in a month or two I’ll see some huge difference. I’ll keep you posted and be sure to take progress photos.

FullSizeRender (34)

In the meantime I got a code for you to use! Here’s $10 off a $50 purchase (and you get free shipping for orders over $50). If you have no idea where to start, I would recommend emailing hello@peachandlily.com and if you already have a skincare routine, I’d still recommend sheet masks! It’s something I’ve been doing since my early 20’s as a bonding experience with my sister and mom, not to mention it’s a nice treat for your skin.

Let me know what you end up getting!  and I’ll keep you posted on my progress on instagram.

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