On My Radar: Skin Laundry, Los Angeles

Just came back from a weekend in NorCal, still sore from crossfit (my first time yesterday) and with my skin looking more irritated, dry and tired than usual.

I’ve struggled with acne since my early teens and it seems that my skin hasn’t been acclimating well to the west coast “winters” so I booked an appointment at Skin Laundry before the weekend since I knew I’d have some free time with my day off. I stumbled upon Skin Laundry on instagram after seeing a lot of girls with enviable clear and glowing skin. After reading about Skin Laundry wherever I could find it on the internet, I decided I’d try this laser facial treatment. The last time something showed noticeable effects in calming my skin was when I had something similar done (except with needles) in Korea a couple years ago.


My appointment was originally scheduled for 3:40 but I was actually a bit early and the team was more than accommodating. I was checked in and introduced to all of the paperwork for the procedure at 3:00 pm. I asked a whole bunch of questions and they answered every single one politely and calmly.

They ask you to wipe your face with a cleansing cloth/makeup remover before the procedure. I didn’t have any makeup on but it helped to wash away the oil that came from traveling. Then I was seated into a very comfortable reclining chair in a private room where a hairband pulled my hair back and goggles were put on to shield my eyes. The registered nurse talked me through everything from the tiny prickly feeling I’d be feeling on my face, to the cooling gel, to the light flashes, to the smell of the laser vaporizing the dirt/impurities. Everything happened within my expectation and within 10 minutes the treatment was done. Afterwards, my face was a little more pink than usual but nothing unusual or unexpected.


They have an introductory package for 3 sessions for $120 which I was considering even before I tried it, but if I bought it on site I could get a complimentary cleanser. I made the commitment and bought the package, knowing that my skin isn’t the kind to see instant results. The staff was kind enough to give me more samples of their products.

Though it’s pricier than what I’m usually used to for my skin, I’ve been frustrated with how erratic my face has been reacting to my move here so I’m willing to make the investment.

Will keep you posted on how the rest of my 3 sessions go! I’ll also be trying to drink more water starting today, but I’m hoping this will be just what I needed to reboot my skin.


How do you save you skin?


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