On my radar: Slip on sneakers

As I was packing for my Thanksgiving trip back home, I found myself choosing between suede boots and running sneakers. I didn’t want to get the suede boots ruined in the rain and wearing the shoes I usually reserve for working out felt wrong. Needless to say,  both seemed equally unappealing and I had never wanted a pair of comfy cute shoes more, than in that moment. Yes, there are always flats but flats can get boring sometimes. Not to mention, they’re not always the most comfortable or warm (Trust me, I have battle scars from breaking in  pair last week). There’s always the option of slipper loafers (which I prefer in the d’orsay silhouette anyway) but recently I’ve been warming up to the idea of the slip on sneaker. Years ago when skater boys and Vans sneakers were “in”, I would have vehemently disagreed but after my own struggle of finding a comfort shoe that isn’t an Ugg boot, I am looking for my own pair of slip on sneakers with a twist.

Just look at how one of the Olsens are wearing slip on sneakers looking incredibly chic.

On my radar: Slip on sneakers 13

Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 8.35.00 PM

Givenchy embellished skate shoes

On my radar: Slip on sneakers 14

Madewell Fall 2013

I mean, I don’t really want to dish out $560 on sneakers like these Alexander Mcqueen ones even though they’re pretty nice.

On my radar: Slip on sneakers 15

So I have found some other suitable alternatives:

On my radar: Slip on sneakers 16

Brown leather slip ons except I’m boring and I prefer black. 😡On my radar: Slip on sneakers 17

Love the texture on these! A nice twist on a classic shoe.

On my radar: Slip on sneakers 18

For some reason I can’t pull off cheetah print that well, but if that’s your kind of thing more power to you :)…

On my radar: Slip on sneakers 19

These Vince perforated slip ons come in different colors like:

On my radar: Slip on sneakers 20


On my radar: Slip on sneakers 21


I think these are my favorite though…

The perfect ratio of (black) shoe and (white) sole. Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 11.09.51 PM

It’s really all about being comfortable in your own shoes. (get it?) 🙂

So what do you think? Slip on sneaks a yay or nay?


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