On the right track

So, I know I said I would be blogging everyday …but I went away for the later part of Labor Day weekend to spent time with my family. Going away usually means more homecooked food and well deserved rest which means less or no technology which in this case meant no computer and consequently no blogging.

I felt conflicted because I did make a promise to blog everyday (in fact I put it in writing) but then I also felt weird about the idea of forcing myself to go find a computer and blogging when I didn’t have sufficient material or coherent thought.

Ever since Friday afternoon its been a thought provoking weekend, quite bizarre actually, and I have yet to internalize what has occurred let alone been able to write down my thoughts (in this blog) in a way that would be understandable to anyone besides myself. (see? run on sentence)  Besides, writing is a time consuming process and quality is better than quantity; I also didn’t want to blog just for the sake of blogging. Oh and it is my blog after all… 🙂

It’s not me being lazy or mysterious. I just was and am not ready to publish…yet.

However this week marks the second week of my senior year and I want to start it off on the right foot and stay on the right track. That being said, here are some quotes I came across that seemed relevant for my weekend mood. I hope it starts your week off well!

On the right track 3

and need not worry… I have been working on  a handful of posts and they will be published in due time.

In the meantime

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