Overheard in Manhattan

After a long busy day of running errands, attending presentations/lectures and meeting people in the city/on campus this past Thursday, I went for a run. At first, I didn’t feel like it but I’m glad I did, as it proved to be the perfect ending to a productive day.

As I walked to my running start point, I passed two women having a conversation and overheard:

“This is the time to do it”

Strangely enough, this is exactly what I needed to hear.

This is the time to do it.

Overheard in Manhattan 3

Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days. I was in Boston for a convention and just got back to NY a few hours ago.

It was very busy and eventful but I’m back, inspired and so excited to share all the ideas I have in upcoming blog posts!!

It all begins now.

I hope you’re excited. and I hope you’re doing something now too. Cheers

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