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Can you guess what those numbers represent?

One of the workshops I attended at the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Intercollegiate Business Convention (previous posts about this here and here) was “Dress for Success: Expert advice on self-presentation for young professional”. I was especially interested in hearing her take on dressing professionally without abandoning personal style.

Margaret Batting, image consultant, explained that we are all subjects of first impressions and  victims of the disconnect between perception and reality. Good news is,we do have the power to control how we are perceived by “packaging ourselves”; it’s just a matter of being (self) aware.

2. She said it takes two seconds for our appearances to be judged and interpreted. I’m sure you’ve heard it also take 7 seconds to make a first impression.

18. It takes 18 additional encounters to change that first impression.

Seeing as how we rarely get a second chance, I’d say it’s important to look, feel and try our best the first time. We have certain standards and values in business and life and the way we dress is often the medium through which we express those ideas. Self presentation is probably the first and easiest step in reaching our potential and seizing opportunities to perform at our best.

Like Margaret said, “We can be our best selves if we just tweak ourselves”

So let it begin. 2013 is just ahead, new season means new clothes, whatever the reason let’s become the best version of ourselves.

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