I’d work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat)

SUITS is my favorite television show. In fact, it’s the only TV show I bother watching (until Gossip Girl comes back) mainly because it embodies many if not all of the characteristics of the kind of people I want to be around and the kind of place I’d like to work in someday.

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 23

Law firm aside, here’s why I’d work at Pearson Hardman.

1) Yes It’s obvious SUITS has great writers and a beautiful cast but it’s the chemistry and complexity of the characters that builds a well oiled “machine”. They are people who not only do their jobs and do them well, but they are also characters who have a life beyond work; they are multidimensional. They don’t just work together, they understand and help each other (think: Mike helping Rachel with the LSATs, Rachel with Mike’s apartment hunting, Rachel giving Louis the tennis ball). Going to work where there are people you mesh well with not only makes you look forward to working for hours but makes the whole team/firm a lot more efficient. It’s great to see that they are aware of each others interests and there is a prompt, frank way of communicating thus creating a workplace that is both emotionally and intellectually stimulating.

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 24I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 25

2) Witty banter and Sense of humor. Law ,or any profession for that matter, can easily become serious and monotonous. At Pearson Hardman, no matter how grave the situation, there is always an element of spontaneity.  The witty banter also helps to keep everyone on their toes thinking fast on their feet and everyone more enjoyable to work with. Way too many quotes that apply to this one.

3) Co-workers challenge and respect you. For continual improvement throughout a career (and life), it’s important to keep moving forward through challenges presented by others or the nature of the work itself. The partners may not always agree but that tension is healthy in that it allows trust and free flow of ideas. In addition, there is a broad range of input on important decisions. The reluctance to challenge one another is never a deterrent at the firm and they all agree on what matters: bringing results and executing with excellence. I also appreciate the fact that the characters earn their respect. In fact, if you are challenged at Pearson Hardman, chances are the other person respects you and expects more from you which is always great incentive to improve and reach full potential.

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 26

4) Mentors. Upward mobility is encouraged at the firm. The superiors look for candidates worthy of promoting and championing. Harvey Specter started in the mailroom and Jessica saw potential in him. Louis assigns work to Rachel, a paralegal over Harold. Mike did not even attend law school but Harvey recognizes his skill and passion. Anyone who is capable at the firm is valued for his/her work and has the opportunity to progress and earn more responsibility regardless of previous experience. Mentors realize they have the added responsibility of building the future of the firm and maintaining its high standards.

5) Something new and different everyday. Granted, each episode is a different case but there never seems to be a dull day in the world of SUITS. They are always moving forward and always looking for effective solutions to problems. The characters themselves are continually striving to outdo themselves and experience the best that they can out of life/work.

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 27

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 28

6) The female characters are strong, smart, driven and beautiful (inside and out).  I think maybe I’d fit right in 🙂 They are assertive with good reason and confident when appropriate. The men are smart and mature enough to recognize that the women in their workplace are indeed forces to reckon with and learn from.  Without their presence at the firm, there would be a clear lack of balance and direction; life just would not be the same. Not to mention, they are incredibly well dressed and make the firm a more beautiful place.

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 29I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 30I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 31

And last but not least,

7) Two words. Harvey Specter. Don’t even get me started. Simply put, he is the epitome of “equal parts swagger and smarts” –Wall street journal (He really should have been number 1 on the list but I saved the best for last). Not only is he witty and charming (both characteristics hard to come across these days) but he also has incredible skills in communicating with and reading people which ultimately allows him to enjoy and perform his job to the fullest. I get inspired to work efficiently and with panache just by watching him. He not only has the book smarts but the street smarts (and the looks to match-oh the Harvey Specter smile). Besides, he’s always on time which I like. What a character.

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 32

Suits season 2 summer finale is tonight but no worries. When in doubt in the off season, just ask yourself:

I'd work at Pearson Hardman (in a heart beat) 33

I think you know what that means.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about in this post, do yourself a favor and watch the pilot of SUITS (you won’t regret it). Then we’ll discuss.

Congratulations to the entire SUITS team and Adam Korsh for yet another successful season. Cheers to outdoing yourselves and for inspiring me to want to become a better everything.

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