To the person who loves me next

To the person who loves me next…

I am one hell of a woman.

And I know that.

So I expect you to be one hell of a man.

I’ve worked hard to become the kind of woman I am today and I won’t accept anything less than a partner who has also become a version of himself he has always wanted to be.

It took me a lot of work, time, trial and patience to get here.

I don’t expect you to be perfect. We are still growing and learning in the school of life.

I do expect you to always be honest even when it’s not easy to articulate or to admit. Even when it’s scary to be vulnerable. You’re not afraid to bring things up and you don’t wait for me to say it first or for it to get to the point where it blows up in our face.

We live intentionally and on purpose.

You think I’m beautiful with or without makeup… for the way my hair falls on my face…. the way my eyes light up when I get excited about something but that’s not the reason why you love, appreciate and respect me.

You think I’m beautiful because of the thoughts in my mind. The way I see the world. The way my brilliance isn’t from the “rules” I learned in school but what I’ve gained through experience, exploration and conversations. The way I can think for myself and ask great questions… The way I can make you think and want to be better. The way we inspire each other to be better.

We like to play and have adventures even though we can have really serious deep conversations. We will grow and mature together but our spirit will always be childlike. Curious. Excited.

You support my goals and my dreams because YOU have goals and dreams for yourself too. When you move forward, I’m there with you. When you’re slowing down, I’ve still got your back.

I love how passionate you are- about the people you’re meeting, the things you’re learning, the things you’re creating and working on. I love seeing you happy. We celebrate the big things, the little things and everything in between.

One of the sexiest things about you is how self assured you are. I can feel it in the way you hold my hand and walk with me. I can see it in how you carry yourself. I can see it in how you interact with others. How you look effortlessly good in just a t-shirt and jeans.

There will often be days that I just shake my head and laugh because it is just so good to finally have you in my life for good. To think we almost believed that each other didn’t exist…

Your heart is just fking golden. Just overflowing with love for other people because you’ve mastered that for yourself.

We love to help and care for each other but we also love to care and help others.

Even if we’re tired or stressed… we are still there for each other. We root for each other’s happiness. You’re not afraid to celebrate me and my wins. You’re fking proud of me and not afraid to show it.

I’m a strong woman but you know how to support me without babying me and how to be my true partner and fan.

We’ve defined what success means to us, and we work towards achieving a well rounded version of that every single day. It isn’t just material. It’s in who we are, who we help and how we live.

We live and share an abundant life. A life filled with love, creativity, passion and wealth.

You empower those around you. In what you do, what you say and how you act. It’s not just a sometimes thing. It’s an all day everyday thing. You set the example by listening to others, being empathetic, engaging with others and helping others. You give people the room to think for themselves. Everyone basically has a crush on you. You’re a true gentleman and authentic leader.

You make me feel safe with my thoughts and heart. and I do have a lot of thoughts….

As strong as you are… you are willing to be vulnerable and be gentle. In fact you make it look easy.

The connection we have is soulful and unshakeable. On so. many. levels. From the surface level to the core.

People can just feel the love and admiration we have for each other. The chemistry is just ridiculous. I love the way you look at me.

You respect not only me, but other people as humans no matter who they are.

You never stop showing me how much I mean to you even after years of being together.

You cherish me and like to treat me even though I can do those things for myself.

You are constantly learning and love sharing the things you find out with me.

I am never bored by you.

You have really good taste. It’s nothing too flashy, but more natural and minimal. Clean, put together. Charming and confident always. I still think you’re adorable even when you wake up and unpolished… (of course).

You know the importance of a calm and quiet mind and can meditate and chill with me just as easily as you can do something adventurous and explore the unknown with me.

You are a Rare Specimen. I don’t need to tell you that I’ve met other rare specimen because you already know and you know what it means to be THE rare specimen. You and I aren’t just like minded with the same values… Our souls vibrate on the same wavelength even if we are so different on paper.

Thought you might be too good to be true but you indeed exist… and you’re with me. We’re two whole individuals who created our own lives and have crossed paths to intertwine our journeys for the better.


I’m so excited to meet you.

Until then… I’ll be working on myself and my business. I can’t wait.




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I had forgotten all about you and hadn’t visited your site in a very long time. Hope all is well. Are you no longer with that guy from back east..S. Carolina I think?