Posman Books: visit before its gone :(

You know it’s serious when the title has a sadface.


posman books in grand central

Posman books is a bookstore I discovered just recently. I found myself at Chelsea Market waiting for a friend and wandering around to kill time, because I was early per usual. I stumbled upon Posman Books and found myself thoroughly entertained- the time passed by so quickly! Before I knew it, my friend showed up and I left wanting to visit again. I was happy to discover that they have a location in Grand Central Terminal- the largest of their locations. Unfortunately, due to transportation related projects in Grand Central Terminal, Posman books’ last day of business will be December 31st.

If you haven’t gone already it’s probably because it was right in front of you (funny how that works). When I was actually looking for it, I was surprised to see that I’ve missed it all the times I’ve been in that beautiful landmark location. I recommend you pay a visit before it closes the end of this year. Yes, it has its location in Chelsea Market and Rockefeller Center and there are plans for a new store to open in the World Financial Center, but there’s something very special about this particular location: it’s a haven in the ever bustling hub.



Whether you work in the neighborhood, happen to be at the apple store, or you find yourself waiting for a train, Posman Books is a visual treat, not to mention a convenient and expansive offering of books. There’s something for everyone. I found the perfect birthday gift for a friend here and I wasn’t even looking for one! I can’t wait to give it to her.

Oh, and you must must must take a look at the greeting cards. I’m planning to go back to the Chelsea Market location with a friend just to show her those. I was actually laughing to myself reading cards that said “i wish you were smarter so you that could invent a transporter and transport yourself over to me whenever we wanted” and things like “you are so great i wish your parents would clone you even if it meant there’s a chance of you dying” (something like that). Basically, things I would totally write on a thoughtful greeting card and cards you won’t find anywhere else.

GO! Thank me later :p

Here’s the address:

Posman Books

9 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017
T: 212.983.1111

Now you have no excuse! 🙂


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