Hopeful Romantic in “Marry Me”

This past weekend I found myself watching a movie that you’ve probably never heard of. It’s one of my favorite movies, partly because it satisfies all of my hopeless romantic fantasies, but mostly because it is able to express my thoughts in the most direct (albeit cliche) way possible.

Hopeful Romantic in "Marry Me" 7

Lucy Liu who plays Rae Carter sums up my optimistic view on relationships:

Hopeful Romantic in "Marry Me" 8

Mom: So what are you looking for?

Rae: A man who is honest and kind and sexy and exciting and secure and consistent and rational and who will love me like crazy until the day he dies. I want the kind of relationship where we make each other better by pursuing our highest selves so that at the end of a lifetime we can look back at what we built and pass that onto our children who will learn lessons about love and friendship and companionship from from two people who were willing to take the leap and trust that true love is real and not just real but the most powerful thing in the world.

Mom: How long have you been like this?

Rae: All my life

Mom: I wish I had known then we could’ve done something about it.

Rae: Well it’s too late now and i’m not settling for less

Hopeful Romantic in "Marry Me" 9

And she ends up with a happily ever after!

The point is, if you want to find love, you have to believe in it first. You have everything you need if you just believe.


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“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t- you’re right”- Henry Ford

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