Red Badge of Courage

I had an appointment to donate blood today. Strangely the center I made an appointment at was closed, but the person who had an appointment before me and I walked just a few blocks over to the Grand Hyatt Hotel to go donate at the blood drive. She scheduled her whole day around donating and planned to go into work late today ; it was not an option to reschedule for either of us. I guess if you’re going to donate blood for the first time, it’s not so bad to donate in style, at a hotel, in a ballroom – with chandeliers and carpeted flooring.

Red Badge of Courage 7

Red Badge of Courage 8

“if hes not too busy to give blood, you got no excuse. give blood” (caption and photo from instagram 11/2)

I have a pretty big fear for needles and blood but thanks to the very supportive strangers and staff I met and spoke with today, I donated successfully for the first time, conquered a fear, didn’t pass out and saved a life!

Red Badge of Courage 9

Breakfast to make sure my hemoglobin and iron levels were good!

Red Badge of Courage 10

As ready as I’ll ever be

Red Badge of Courage 11

Yep, this happened- so proud of myself

Red Badge of Courage 12

Wearing this sticker (and the pin) proudly today.

Thanks to Sergio for making the experience not as bad as I thought and for the light blue bandage (they didn’t have pink). He was impressed to see I was able to fill up a pint in just 7 minutes (it must’ve been the adrenaline) and the woman commented on how I was such a good sport and did it all with a smile. 🙂

As for what’s next? Maybe I’ll enroll in the Emergency response team training or go learn CPR like Elle Magazine suggests.

Red Badge of Courage 13

street art in greenwich village, sep 2012, taken by me

In the meantime, maybe I’ll conquer a fashion fear. Red lipstick, maybe?

Red Badge of Courage 14

Red Badge of Courage 15

“If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear. ” -Joanna Macy

Find out where you can give blood through the Red Cross and New York Blood Center emergency drives.

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