Sit and Sig

Every two weeks on an early weekend morning, I get together with two individuals at one of the many Coffee Bean and Tea locations around Los Angeles to talk about business and life.


It’s kind of weird how it happened. Someone I had met 3 years ago in New York, saw the post I wrote about me moving out to LA, and reached out to me saying that he wants to help in whatever way to get me settled. The first thing he did was invite me to come join this bi-weekly meeting. Ever since I got to LA, it’s been something I do every two weeks or so and we get to see each other grow and learn over time.

One person is almost 3 times my age, the other is just a few years older than I am. We chat about the things that are on our radars, happening in our lives and what it all means, hence “sit and sig” which means “situation and significance.”  It came up randomly in conversation one time and now it’s what we call our Saturday meet-ups. It makes total sense too because it describes what we talk about when we meet.

Situation and Significance. We don’t just talk about what is happening, we talk about what it means: to us, our work, the world. When we sit and sig, we’re having thoughtful conversation about the things that matter to us and what we can do to improve or change it in our lives. We listen to each other and give our input based on our unique experiences, given our age differences and backgrounds. We often have inspired moments where we realize something or hear something that we needed to move forward in the right direction. When you sit and sig, you’re evaluating your experiences, and therefore changing how you approach things aka your life.

It’s one thing to talk about “oh so this happened, blah blah blah blah” but what does it mean and why are you saying it? These days I feel that it’s difficult to engage in meaningful conversation, let alone a conversation, because people don’t provide enough information or thought. By Sit and Sigging with these two people, it’s helped me to be more decisive in my personal and professional goals, not to mention relationships.

And the bonus: I always walk out with packets that one of the group members always hands me with news and updates that might interest me. He knows that I’m all about US-Asia relations, Asian American doers/creators, digital media, female empowerment, entrepreneurship, millennials, etc. These envelopes are filled with newspaper/magazine clippings, printed articles, etc that he came across during his reading. I so appreciate him taking the time to educate me with a well rounded perspective in print since lets be honest, we read so much online, whens the last time you held (and cut out) actual hard copy print?

Sit and Sig more. Talk about what it is but also how that affects you and what it means. Acknowledge and take action.

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