STTA: Saying “I appreciate you” more

I went to Atlanta this past weekend, for the Create + Cultivate conference and got back to LA early on Sunday. The trip was short (about 24 hours) but much needed, as it’s always nice to get out of LA. That time zone difference, weather change, switch in “vibe” always jogs my mind a little bit and shakes some perspective into my head.

One of my favorite parts of travel is the descent/lift off during the flight. I’m such a sucker for the view. I feel at ease when the plane is in the air between the clouds. My instinct is to have a gasp of awe and my eyes widen in wonder. Clouds and the sky are really magical to me. Whenever I see a sight like this from above, where cars are like ants and houses look like toys, my mind always wanders to thoughts of gratitude and reflection.


“Oh, it’s good to be home.”

“I can’t wait to see _____.”

“I don’t know what I would do without _______.”

“This happened this past week and I’m so happy that ______.”

“I’m really thankful to have _____ in my life. I think the more I do _____ the more I attract people like _____.”

“I’m glad I let go of ______ even though it was hard, because now I feel so relieved.”

Which got me thinking….:

  1. If you aren’t thinking “I appreciate _______” (whether it’s a person or a simple pleasure/thing) at least once a day, you should make time in the day to think about the things you are thankful to have in your life.
  2. If you don’t have people in your life you can say “I appreciate you” to, you should consider changing the people you spend your time with.


I grew up having a lot of difficulty expressing gratitude and appreciation (in many cases this seemed like the “weak” thing to do), but ever since I learned that expressing gratitude and appreciation are keys to success and even resilience, I made a conscious attempt to do this and increasingly so. I still struggle with it since it just wasn’t a natural part of my adolescence but I’ve gotten better at it over time because I make the effort to. It also helps that I’ve surrounded myself with people that I feel thankful for, so I practice and am open to expressing it to them whenever it’s appropriate. Thinking about what I’m grateful for and appreciate has helped me to simplify and prioritize things/people in my life amidst all of the noise of life.

In my day to day, I find myself and others saying “thank you” a lot, without really meaning it, especially in work emails. “Thanks” has become part of e-mail signatures and the closing of a conversation, the same way “how are you” has lost meaning and has become attached to a “hello.” I find that “I appreciate you” has a different meaning in that it implies that the person didn’t have to do it, but they did because they wanted to. I find that saying “I appreciate you” is a major moment of acknowledgement and soul kiss. I don’t say “I appreciate you” everyday, but when I do, I mean it so wholeheartedly and it feels vulnerable.


Do you have people you can say “I appreciate you” to, do you take the time to think about what you’re grateful for and do people say they appreciate you?

Something to think about. (#STTA)

Being grateful and happy about something/someone, versus having the obligation and routine of doing something really makes a difference.

P.S. If you’ve made it all the way down to this blogpost, I appreciate you reading. I know my writing isn’t always light and easy, so if you’re reading, most likely it’s because you care. Thank you.

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