STTA: The truth about social media


I have a love/hate relationship with social media, particularly Instagram. I’ve been on and off of it in the past few months. There was even a time I was MIA on Instagram for 14 whole days *gasp*.

Honestly, I didn’t miss it much-you know, the constant urge to check, the impulses to scroll and the consequent time suck.

BUT I always return because the truth is social media is a tool for sharing and I have a lot to share. It’s also the best way for me to keep in touch with people who are interested in doing so. It also gives me the opportunity to connect with people who I otherwise would not have met. Granted, there is such a thing as oversharing and there are plenty of people who do that, but I hope I’m not one of them.

Here’s what I know to be true about social media and how I will ground myself into never letting it take over my life.

  1. No one will really notice that you’re not posting if you don’t or forget to post everyday.
  2. Your presence IRL (in real life) should matter more than your online presence. So many people worry about what their life looks like on social media meanwhile what their life feels like or is like in real life is not what it seems. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or experienced this. Yes, I’m guilty of doing this myself in the form of latergram or posting about something when I might not “feeling it”, but now it’s gotten to a point where I can’t share something I’m not genuinely excited about or feeling.
  3. Numbers should not define your life. So long as you are chasing numbers- followers or likes- you will never have enough.
  4. Social media is a lot of noise. Instead of clogging up the internet with another “what a wonderful day photo,” be someone who gives people a reason to stop, look at the photo/content and take away something of value. Instagram itself is based off of pretty photos, but I still try to maintain my THINK philosophy when using it.
  5. Busy people doing cool things are actually/usually too busy doing things to post regularly. In fact they usually outsource this social media portion to maximize efficiency. Since social media has become a unavoidable resource to connect with “your audience”, I think it’s important to consider using it depending on what you do and what your goal is but unless it’s your job to post on social media (and most likely it is not) make it a point to balance how much time you spend online and know when to disconnect.

Yes, as mentioned, I’m guilty of a few of these things in the past and maybe I’ll make a few of these mistakes again in moments of weakness, but the goal is to actually live life, not wish/wait for it behind the screen.

Social media is a tool and it should never determine your self worth or rob you of your valuable time.

Control social media. Don’t let it control you.

Just STTA (something to think about) 🙂

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