Sunday Supper at Little Meats LA

Before I moved out here to Los Angeles, I did my research. Research of what neighborhood I might want to live in. Research of places I might want to visit and things I might want to try. I even did research on instagram for places I might want to eat at. Somehow I came across Little Meats LA and it was only until recently that I finally attended one of their Sunday supper/dinner parties.


Basically I had kept my eye on Little Meats LA until my schedule matched or something particularly interesting came up. When I saw that Teresa Kwon, the first ever female chef to be feature at Little Meats LA was going to be cooking, I signed up without hesitation. No plus one, just myself, my appetite and my curiosity.


This is how it went for me:

1) Subscribed to their newsletter and confirmed my email subscription. (They are considerate and don’t want to make you feel like you’re being spammed)

2) Got updates for the upcoming Sunday supper and the chef that will be featured. Liked what I read, then emailed the address in the body of the email to secure my spot.

3) Got a personal email from one of the organizers of Little Meats, walking me through the next steps. You are asked to provide a CC number for a temporary charge that will hold your spot. This temporary charge can be used toward the suggested donation once you check in at the Sunday supper or it can be refunded back to you at the dinner if you choose.

4) Wait for Sunday to come so that you can go to the Sunday supper. Get a reminder email a day or two before and get even more excited to end the weekend on a good note.

5) Make sure you’re not late like I was because I underestimated Sunday night traffic. Could’ve been just that night, but I was 30 minutes late!!!

6) Seating is first come first served. I got seated at the end of the table which I thought would be a bad thing but… it was actually a great thing because it was closest to the kitchen and I got to see the team at work.

7) Talk to strangers and enjoy the food made with love, hand to table. Don’t even think about taking back your $25. I even bumped into an old friend and made a new one!

Here are photos of when I went: (not pictured, the korean pulled pork tamales)


Japanese Style Elote

This wintermelon agua fresca from @littlemeatsla Sunday supper was strangely delicious.

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Wintermelon ginger agua fresca!




Korean Galbi Tacos


Bridging gaps with food

Expect a cozy setting, friendly people and delicious food. Little Meats LA is where passionate chefs, artisans and curious epicureans come together and leave with their stomachs and hearts happy.

I’m excited for what they have in store and the yummy food to come! Maybe I’ll see you at one in the future… or maybe.. would you come to one if I hosted one?

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.16.13 PM

Photos courtesy of @minachristinne unless posted from my instagram. (I was too busy eating). Thank you Mina for letting me use your photos!

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