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November 29, 2014

Stop and Think

I just renewed my domain for another year. I guess you’re stuck with me writing at inbusinessandlife.com for the year ahead. I’m not giving up on this blog 🙂 With this renewal I’d like to share something with you- a secret-that has guided me in writing blog posts. Before I publish a post, I always ask myself, “Did you THINK?” Here is how it was…

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May 8, 2014

More than Cleverness, we need Kindness

I was listening to a mix on 8 tracks, my favorite music app, during a run when I came across a speech in a playlist of songs. Even without the Hans Zimmer music accompaniment, it’s an inspiring speech. [vimeo 24379918 w=500 h=375] Here’s an excerpt of the speech below.

February 23, 2014

Promise yourself

I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever got one.. I would get the word “promise” inked onto my skin. The passage below explains why, much more eloquently than I ever could. Read on and don’t blame me if you want to get a “promise” tattoo yourself! 😛

December 5, 2013


STTA- something to think about. Something new I thought I’d do, because these are the kinds of things I’m thinking about even though I might not be doing a long blog post everyday. “The truth is that everyone else is just as indecisive, self–doubting, and frustrated as you are, and if you just do your thing, you’ll never have any reason to envy others.” First of many more to…

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November 22, 2013

Mood board

It’s a bit gloomy outside but…..its FRIDAY!!!! I’m extra excited because I am taking the whole weekend off. Can’t wait to get rid of this cold… catch up on posts… and clean my room. Yep. clean my room. Just wanted to do a quick moodboard post. Here’s an image that has been on my mind for awhile, and of course a quote to go with…

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June 18, 2013

On my Mind: Tech-life balance

We live in a world where information and data is inextricably linked to our personal lives. It’s no longer just about work-life balance but about tech-life balance. As it becomes easier to attain information at our fingertips and easier to become lazy and inactive, the importance of unplugging and connecting offline is greater than ever. No more spending hours checking and sending emails or trolling…

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May 30, 2013

Feel Alive

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been posting a lot about commencement speeches on Twitter or Facebook. It’s because I’m curious as to what other schools are hearing and if there’s a common thread in all that’s been said. You already know what was said at my commencement but today I was able to catch a bit of Harvard’s speech, thanks to…

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May 27, 2013

On my Mind: my 20’s

It seems that I’m not the only one going through a period of transition. I’m only 21 and just beginning my 20’s, but I keep meeting people who are going through the same things, even years ahead of me, so I thought this passage (below the 2 images) was worthy of sharing. Worth the lengthy read:

April 7, 2013

Only in New York.

So it’s evident my sister and I ate a lot during spring break BUT we also did explore and walk a lot. I think the best way to get to know a city is to get lost in it so that’s exactly what we did- we explored every nook and cranny of New York (something I usually do anyway). When you take the time to…

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March 14, 2013

Quotable and notable.

I can’t seem to find who said this quote but it doesn’t make it any less relevant or powerful. I thought it was too good not to share here- it has everything I needed to hear.: “There are going to be days when you won’t have the energy or drive to get out of bed. There are going to be days when you’re going to…

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