Terms and Conditions

What you should know before we begin...
By choosing into the program, you understand and acknowledge the below as an individual and/or group: 

1) Break The Cycle group program works at a deep emotional level and I/my fellow students may decide to share personal information. At all times I have the right to decide on the degree of my sharing and to ask for further explanation or support.

2) I am aware that the facilitator will be recording our sessions to be posted in the social learning portal for the use of our cohort only.  Recordings will be available within/before 24 hours for replay and review.

3) In the program I may be asked to explore my emotions, beliefs and behaviors which could result in a new level of awareness that takes me outside of my comfort zone. At any time, if I feel emotionally triggered to the point that it feels outside of my control, I will make the ask for space/whatever is needed and/or seek support I may need in the form of a professional therapist. I understand this program is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care, and that Andrea is not a medical professional. I will let Andrea know of any pre-existing medical conditions that may be a concern.

I agree to the following:

1) I will hold strict confidentiality regarding all matters (names, events, etc) pertaining to the sharing of other participants in the group. I will not disclose information about another group member outside of the group verbally, or through any written or electronic means including email, Instagram, Facebook or any other public forums unless I have consent

2) I will not engage in gossip. Any issue or situation that involves a particular individual will be addressed directly with that individual in a non violent matter, to clear the space and to maintain sacred container. 

3) An important part of the program is the embodiment of the theory and bringing it into practice. Active participation will enable me to do this. I commit to full participation.

4) I will do my best to attend the live classes and I understand that I get what I put into the program. I commit to showing up for myself and being fully present.

A note from Andrea:

What you can expect from me:

1) I commit to seeing and standing for the greatest version of you, beyond the noise, to hold space and guide your transformation without judgment. I will not think for you, I cannot do the work for you, only you can show up for yourself. I am not here to give you a gold star or give you all the answers. I will support you in how to think, trust and feel for yourself. 

2) A formal syllabus will not be provided, as the curriculum and the order of the content will be presented in an intuitive order, according to what the group is needing at the time/any relevant events. The content is mostly shared through verbal teaching, though there may be images/slides I use.

3) You get my undiscounted full attention and the value of our time together exceed the numerical “price.” I will show up in full integrity with my energy, attention and intention.

4) Though I do offer promos at times, I am NOT open to further negotiations or reductions on my rates.

5) I will not manage your calendar or micromanage you. I will not be sending reminders because part of the work is to be self accountable. It also allows me to focus on what I do best as a coach/facilitator. If you will not be present or attending, please let the group know. This container is not possible without you, and you/your presences MATTERS.

6) I will treat you as a leader. If you need/want something, ask for it. This group is a safe space to explore your mind/body/voice/emotions, etc.

7) All services are final sale, through with mutual alignment they may be transferable to other services/another structure or schedule of partnership.

8) I work with the belief that you already have everything you need within you, my role is to support you in revealing your Truth. I commit to being loving and rigorous, which means I may not always say what your Ego wants to hear. I am here to support you in dismantling your Inner Critic.

My request of you:

7) Please do not take/reuse/share my work/exercises/program without proper consent or crediting. This experience has been thoughtfully designed to be unique in its form. Feel free to share what opened up for you and what you learned, however not the specifics of the exercises/practices we do.

8) Release the idea of who you thought you needed or used to be, and grow into yourself.