I’ve gone deeper, and made more progress in my personal and spiritual development in 4 sessions with Andrea than I have in the past 10+ years of my life. I really don’t know what I was doing before I discovered breathwork and Andrea. What I mean by that is, breathwork has been the most effective healing modality for me–even more so than talk therapy. I’m the kind of person that is logical, analytical and will think through all possible scenarios forward and backward, inside and out. I tend to lead with my mind rather than my intuition and my heart. Although I began to have clarity in my conscious thoughts by reading and listening to self-help books/podcasts/etc., I knew that deep down I hadn’t really accepted that I was worthy–in my soul, in my heart, in my very cells. There was a disconnect between what was in my head and was in my heart. Breathwork allowed me to uncover this disconnect and begin to truly experience healing. The technique of breathwork is very simple, but paired with Andrea’s compassionate guidance and non-judgment, I made incredible breakthroughs. This was the first time in my life that I experienced such a profound, deep seeded peace and self-compassion. It was the first time I felt, within my mind and body, that I could accept all the parts of myself–the parts I try to “fix” or cover up, the parts I never really took the time to be proud of, and the parts that are still a work in progress. Breathwork can be a rollercoaster–but if you are ready and willing to surrender to the experience, to your inner self, it is truly rewarding. After every session, even if I cried (and I did in all of them) or faced some dark thoughts/feelings/memories, I always walked away feeling renewed, grateful, and full of light. By facing what is inside ourselves, we can embrace it and move through it; breathwork isn’t about glossing things over or being positive all the time, it’s about facing yourself with kindness and loving acceptance–they don’t call it “doing the work” for nothing. By doing my own innerwork through breathwork and guided by Andrea, I also took action in my life to begin to create a life I wanted. I never thought that I could have such open and loving relationships with my friends, my partner, and my mom as I now do because I was able to open up myself to giving and receiving truth and love by having honest conversations from my heart. It is powerful to be seen and heard as you are right now and Andrea allowed me to experience that through her presence, her support, and breathwork. Things came up during our sessions together that I had thought I moved on from, but within me, I had still been holding onto those past hurts and it was affecting how I was showing up in the world now. I have never been more vulnerable in front of anyone in my life as I have with Andrea during our sessions. The only reason I could do this innerwork and be so open is because of the person that Andrea is. She has done and continues to do her own innerwork so that she can hold space for others that is free of judgement and is full of honesty, wisdom, light, and an abundance of warmth. What I want you to know is that we all need healing because we are lead by the beliefs, the hurts, and the experiences that we hold within us–whether or not we are conscious of what those are. Through breathwork, I was able to begin to define and be aware of what I was carrying in my heart–beyond a conscious, logical level–and so I was able to begin to define what kind of life I want to create for myself. Breathwork is the door into your own inner wisdom, you own inner healer, your own inner power. There is a reason that I was led to Andrea to do this work together and there is a reason that you were led here to her too

– Alyssa, Los Angeles (1:1 virtual long term coaching)

I was introduced to Andrea during a time when I felt stuck in my healing process. Despite working on myself over several years, I had hit an internal wall. I wanted to finally let go of my past and get to the next level of “being.” The integration of life coaching, breathwork, and energy work, compassionately guided by Andrea, has been one of my most profound healing experiences ever. I’m amazed at how deeply and quickly her sessions have enabled me to connect to my higher self and create new patterns of behavior. Assuming commitment to Andrea’s assignments and a willingness to be vulnerable, I imagine this work would have an incredibly liberating effect on anyone who tried it. I became certified in yoga instruction because it enabled me to begin healing myself. Reiki, meditation, acupuncture, cupping, and self care are helpful tools to aid in the process. In comparison, time my with Andrea has been the deepest and immediately impactful healing practice I’ve ever experienced.

Megan, Los Angeles (1:1 long term intensive sessions)


First time doing breath work, and wow. Life changing.

Let me begin by saying that I’m not someone who is in the mind/body/mindfulness sector.

I’m someone who is in corporate, works out to relieve stress, and then go about my day. I’ve tried meditation/yoga but never could clear my mind or be calm. If anything, I couldn’t stop thinking of all the things I should be doing with that time. So when I heard “breath work,” I was like okay I breathe everyday, how is this going to do anything?

Andrea helped me at a time when I was mentally stressed out to the max. My friends even told me I looked stressed out. I thought talking about my feelings and having a good cry session will help me. However, even I had to acknowledge that my level of stress wouldn’t be solved by a workout or a cry session. I came in not knowing what I was going to be doing, but I was open. Hell, I was desperate. Andrea actively listened to me talk about what was happening in my life. This wasn’t just a few nods and saying how she understands how I feel. No, she really listened. She knew just by looking at me that I needed to figure it out on my own why I was feeling the way I was. At the same time, she knew I needed guidance. She did an amazing job balancing the two. After she showed me how to do the breathing technique we dived right in. I focused on my breathing. And then the tears came. I felt the physical reactions to the breath work Andrea showed me. I could feel the stress in my body and at the end of it, leaving my body. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical to all of this at first, but I was open. I had an out of mind/body experience and now I’m a firm believer of breath work. Andrea’s expertise along with her welcoming and comforting presence, helped me realize what was holding me back and what I need to let go and focus on. Being in her presence is invaluable.”

Sally, Los Angeles (1:1 Private Session)

“While I was originally a little jaded and resistant to the idea of breath-work (my mind had conjured images of yet another futile attempt at huffing and puffing on a yoga mat), I am actually taken aback by how powerful my experience with Andrea Ming was. Andrea is genuinely gifted as a healer and is extremely insightful and wise as a facilitator. It was not only her mastery of the guided therapy, but also something completely intrinsic to her being that allowed me to open up in ways that I had never experienced. When I allowed myself to completely trust her, I was able to receive her healing guidance that broke through to a lot of the emotional burdens I had been carrying. Days after the session, I continued to access a lightness, confidence and openness that I know stemmed from the work that Andrea did. My session with Andrea defied all expectations of what breath-work was, and allowed me to grow past the things that held me back. I can wholeheartedly attribute that growth to Andrea’s unconditional love and powerful healing. “

-SC, Los Angeles (1:1 Emotional Detox Private Session)

 “Andrea is caring and patient, emphasizing that she is not there to judge but to help you do “the work” needed to grow. She also encouraged me to brain dump/write more which was a big reminder for me, and has helped me since. If you are open and curious about spirituality, wellness and healing, this would be something I would recommend. I’m glad I did it!”        

-Janna, New Mexico

 “I was always a skeptic about these kinds of experiences, but after doing a breathwork session with Andrea, I’ve been blown away and shocked by the results. She did an amazing job facilitating and all the detail she put into the session made it so memorable and worth it. I’m a big time believer now in the power of breathwork for sure!”         

– Eugene, Los Angeles 

“Andrea’s abilities are amazing. If you’ve never done breathwork meditation and are unsure of what to expect, Andrea is absolutely the person who you should try this powerful meditation style with. I have never felt safer exploring spirituality and meditation with someone because she gets why people may be nervous about trying something that seems so “new agey”. She guides you throughout the session but the real magic happens when Andrea walks you through all of your questions with understanding and asks you powerful questions that allow you to see a new perspective instantaneously and helps you process what comes up during the session. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Andrea create a community of women and men who have truly been moved and motivated by their breathwork sessions with her and know you will be so happy to join this circle!”                  

– Emi, Los Angeles 

“Andrea is a kindred soul who is passionate about sharing the healing affects of breathwork.  She is gentle yet powerful in her guidance and facilitation.  I came to her for a 1-on-1 private session and it literally took me to another realm of healing.  I can tell the results are immediate because of the sensations I felt in my body.  The work is being done in real time and that’s what’s amazing about it!  Andrea creates a grounded space and the soundtrack that she plays is pleasantly unexpected.  Her gift is a blessing for anyone who carries any burden or stress in their body and wants to release unwanted energy that weighs us down.  Since I’m also a healer, I equally need work to help me release energy that I take on from others (in addition to my own).  I’m excited for my next session in a couple of weeks.  Her session is a MUST to gain inner peace.”           

 – Mimi, Los Angeles (1:1 Emotional Detox Private Session) 

“Breathwork with Andrea was powerful. It was a reminder that we have the tools within ourselves to be more mindful, to forgive, to live our life fully.”          

– Gloria, Los Angeles

Breathwork with Andrea was awesome. I was able to lean into emotions I was holding back. I felt that the physical “opening up” was the catalyst for the emotional “opening up” that I needed. This was quite an experience. Thank you!” 

– Terry, Los Angeles

“Breathwork with Andrea was great. I appreciated being able to release and feel even if it was hard.” 

– Christy, Los Angeles