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Shirley, She/her​

Product Strategist & Management Consultant ​

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Andrea as a coach/healer & Break the Cycle for anyone who is open and willing to let go of past traumas, connect with like-minded/powerful individuals, and discover ways to move forward. I met Andrea through an Asian Women organization where she offered a breath-work class. My first time was ground-breaking — I felt like I finally tapped into a modality of healing that truly truly resonated with me, and it was only a tiny step — I had to try more! I have tried so many other forms of healing, and Andrea’s guidance through breathwork hit a core part of me that felt covered with so many of layers of trauma. Andrea paves the way in the coaching and healer space — being a first-of-kind coach who serves women of color (specifically Asian women) who are very much underrepresented. She brings in her own perspectives as an Asian American that are oh so relatable to the unique experiences of our generation! Andrea’s BTC program has provided me with the two things that I needed the most in this journey: 1. REAL TOOLS/METHODS to help break my mental blocks and 2. a COMMUNITY of strong individuals who provide consistent, heart-warming support. Andrea combines both hard-hitting practical methods with somatic practices that help you internalize healing into your fully body, mind, and spirit. On top of that, she attracts the most bad-ass, compassionate, powerful people. The women of my BTC2 group have provided me a level of compassion and support that even some friends I’ve known for years would never have the capacity to give. I’ve shed so many tears during this program and received acceptance like I’ve never received before. Andrea and these women are ones that I will hold onto beyond the end of the program!! I am so thankful for the 3 months I’ve spent in the BTC program — it’s provided me a foundation that I will continue to build upon for years to come.

Andrea and these women are ones that I will hold onto beyond the end of the program!!

I am so thankful for the 3 months I’ve spent in the BTC program — it’s provided me a foundation that I will continue to build upon for years to come.

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Crystal, She/her​

Spiritual/Metaphysical Consultant

I’ve been a client in the self-help community, spiritual community and Asian community for years, and I can confidently say Andrea’s coaching was the perfect intersection of all 3 for me. I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone like Andrea to facilitate and help me uplevel my healing!! She sees the old wounded little girl in me that felt so unheard, and holds me to the person I want to be while taking that little girl on that journey. Andrea is gentle yet firm, and extremely accountable to the people in the group coaching program. She gave attention and care to every person appropriately and powerfully and witnessing it was already such an honor — experiencing was even better. Andrea is so fully there for HERSELF that she is able to see me fully and be there for me AND the community. In her program I experienced a lot of spiritual discipline beyond intention setting and learned how to take action not for the result but to honor the intention with gentleness, which is paradigm shifting. I am used to more talk than action from guides, but she is not that way. I was also able to experience what it was like for my body and mind to be aligned. Spirituality is not to be sugar coated in the age of quick fixes and Andrea takes that seriously. It’s serious transformational work that she upholds.

I appreciate Andrea for the fact that she is compassionate and responsible. She’s the same person online and offline. She is very discerning in who she attracts and what she creates.

She’s the same person online and offline. She is very discerning in who she attracts and what she creates. Her grounding essence always reminds me of who I am, not who I’ve been or how I fear I come off. I am proud to call her a mentor, coach and friend. I think she’s what the community needs to fill in the gaps of what is spiritual, practical, real and raw.

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Jeanie, She/Her

Owner, Entrepreneur

"Andrea is real.

She is someone that I can trust and open up to. Andrea is present with you and listens to you then challenges you with questions to make you think. She helps you realize the answer with support and guidance. I notice and have learned more about myself. 

Through BTC, I have realized that I can change and shift to that kind woman I want to be. I forgive my parents for my rough childhood. I don’t hold it against them and have realized that was all they knew. I know when I’m grounded, let go of the stories and come from a non-judgmental place I can be a good friend, business owner, girlfriend, sister, daughter, leader, teacher and much more.

  I’m grateful to have come across Andrea as this came to me at the right time.”


Testimonials 14

Alyssa, She/Her

Reiki Practitioner, Integrative Energy Healer

"1000000% YES would recommend.

Honestly I’m glowing. I GLOWED UP. The me from a few months ago could not have imagined this kind of growth. So many other areas of my life just followed suit with my personal and spiritual growth from honoring my body, to my relationship with money, to major downloads for my creative projects. I let go of old trauma/wounds and shame that I had completely blocked out until now during our breathwork sessions. I gained an understanding of where some of these current blocks came from and released them.

1000000% YES would recommend. This is like required education in the school of conscious living. It is for those who are truly ready, truly committed. I am so empowered after this group program and to think it’s only been a few months. I can’t imagine showing up any other way now.

I feel that I have the tools to return to my highest self, to come from a place of intention and that to me is that foundation of a fulfilled life.”

Jenn, She/her

Writer & People Operations/DEI Advisor

These three months have felt like such a blessing, especially during times of health, racial, and economic injustices. With Andrea’s support and teachings, I’ve begun shifting my state of being, and my ways of being. I’ve struggled for a long time with living both in the past and the future, but rarely in the present; I’d either be reminscient for days gone or longing for a future where I’d “have” certain “things” by a certain point in my life. But Andrea’s words and advice, and most importantly, the questions that she asked me, has forced me to realize the ways that I’ve been living, to see and come to terms with the choices I have made, and to also empower me with agency. I’ve instilled more gratitude, intentional stillness, ease and play into my life. I’ve stopped measuring my worth by to-do and checklists and begun listening to my body and my voice, not the inner critic one who worries and compares, but the wild and bold one. I have so much more growing to do, and I am so grateful for the community Andrea cultivated, her firmness and knowledge in breathwork and coaching, and her empathy and compassion for my stories and my dreams. There’s so much I’m letting go of to make room for all the greatness and freedom that I’m inviting into my life. I’m grateful for her presence, generosity, and the ways she’s challenged me.

Megan, Los Angeles

I was introduced to Andrea during a time when I felt stuck in my healing process. Despite working on myself over several years, I had hit an internal wall. I wanted to finally let go of my past and get to the next level of “being.” The integration of life coaching, breathwork, and energy work, compassionately guided by Andrea, has been one of my most profound healing experiences ever. I’m amazed at how deeply and quickly her sessions have enabled me to connect to my higher self and create new patterns of behavior. Assuming commitment to Andrea’s assignments and a willingness to be vulnerable, I imagine this work would have an incredibly liberating effect on anyone who tried it. I became certified in yoga instruction because it enabled me to begin healing myself. Reiki, meditation, acupuncture, cupping, and self care are helpful tools to aid in the process. 

In comparison, time my with Andrea has been the deepest and immediately impactful healing practice I’ve ever experienced.


"Working with Andrea was simply incredible.

She has a wonderful way of giving awesome alternative perspectives to things. Her willingness to ask some seriously introspective, genuine questions and deeply humanistic dialogues supported me in confronting aspects of myself that I wasn’t too proud of. Andrea took me through two breathwork sessions that have fundamentally changed how I approach myself, and others around me. Through coaching with her, I’ve managed to overcome toxic self-shaming, accountability issues, and more. While working with her, I created more artistic things in the span of two months, than I did in the past two years. There are no words to describe how working with her has benefited me. I’m truly grateful.”

Mimi, Los Angeles

"Andrea is a kindred soul who is passionate about sharing the healing affects of breathwork.

She is gentle yet powerful in her guidance and facilitation. I came to her for a 1-on-1 private session and it literally took me to another realm of healing. I can tell the results are immediate because of the sensations I felt in my body. The work is being done in real time and that’s what’s amazing about it! Andrea creates a grounded space and the soundtrack that she plays is pleasantly unexpected. Her gift is a blessing for anyone who carries any burden or stress in their body and wants to release unwanted energy that weighs us down. Since I’m also a healer, I equally need work to help me release energy that I take on from others (in addition to my own). I’m excited for my next session in a couple of weeks. Her sessions are a MUST to gain inner peace.

Alyssa, Pasadena

I’ve gone deeper, and made more progress in my personal and spiritual development in 4 sessions with Andrea than I have in the past 10+ years of my life. I really don’t know what I was doing before I discovered breathwork and Andrea. What I mean by that is, breathwork has been the most effective healing modality for me–even more so than talk therapy. I’m the kind of person that is logical, analytical and will think through all possible scenarios forward and backward, inside and out. I tend to lead with my mind rather than my intuition and my heart. Although I began to have clarity in my conscious thoughts by reading and listening to self-help books/podcasts/etc., I knew that deep down I hadn’t really accepted that I was worthy–in my soul, in my heart, in my very cells. There was a disconnect between what was in my head and was in my heart. Breathwork allowed me to uncover this disconnect and begin to truly experience healing. The technique of breathwork is very simple, but paired with Andrea’s compassionate guidance and non-judgment, I made incredible breakthroughs. This was the first time in my life that I experienced such a profound, deep seeded peace and self-compassion. It was the first time I felt, within my mind and body, that I could accept all the parts of myself–the parts I try to “fix” or cover up, the parts I never really took the time to be proud of, and the parts that are still a work in progress. Breathwork can be a rollercoaster–but if you are ready and willing to surrender to the experience, to your inner self, it is truly rewarding. After every session, even if I cried (and I did in all of them) or faced some dark thoughts/feelings/memories, I always walked away feeling renewed, grateful, and full of light. By facing what is inside ourselves, we can embrace it and move through it; breathwork isn’t about glossing things over or being positive all the time, it’s about facing yourself with kindness and loving acceptance–they don’t call it “doing the work” for nothing. By doing my own innerwork through breathwork and guided by Andrea, I also took action in my life to begin to create a life I wanted. I never thought that I could have such open and loving relationships with my friends, my partner, and my mom as I now do because I was able to open up myself to giving and receiving truth and love by having honest conversations from my heart. It is powerful to be seen and heard as you are right now and Andrea allowed me to experience that through her presence, her support, and breathwork. Things came up during our sessions together that I had thought I moved on from, but within me, I had still been holding onto those past hurts and it was affecting how I was showing up in the world now. I have never been more vulnerable in front of anyone in my life as I have with Andrea during our sessions. The only reason I could do this innerwork and be so open is because of the person that Andrea is. She has done and continues to do her own innerwork so that she can hold space for others that is free of judgement and is full of honesty, wisdom, light, and an abundance of warmth. What I want you to know is that we all need healing because we are lead by the beliefs, the hurts, and the experiences that we hold within us–whether or not we are conscious of what those are. Through breathwork, I was able to begin to define and be aware of what I was carrying in my heart–beyond a conscious, logical level–and so I was able to begin to define what kind of life I want to create for myself. Breathwork is the door into your own inner wisdom, you own inner healer, your own inner power.

There is a reason that I was led to Andrea to do this work together and there is a reason that you were led here to her too.

Emi, Los Angeles

Andrea's abilities are amazing.

If you’ve never done breathwork meditation and are unsure of what to expect, Andrea is absolutely the person who you should try this powerful meditation style with. I have never felt safer exploring spirituality and meditation with someone because she gets why people may be nervous about trying something that seems so “new agey”. She guides you throughout the session but the real magic happens when Andrea walks you through all of your questions with understanding and asks you powerful questions that allow you to see a new perspective instantaneously and helps you process what comes up during the session. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Andrea create a community of women and men who have truly been moved and motivated by their breathwork sessions with her and know you will be so happy to join this circle!

SC, Los Angeles

While I was originally a little jaded and resistant to the idea of breath-work (my mind had conjured images of yet another futile attempt at huffing and puffing on a yoga mat), I am actually taken aback by how powerful my experience with Andrea was. Andrea is genuinely gifted as a healer and is extremely insightful and wise as a facilitator. It was not only her mastery of the guided therapy, but also something completely intrinsic to her being that allowed me to open up in ways that I had never experienced. When I allowed myself to completely trust her, I was able to receive her healing guidance that broke through to a lot of the emotional burdens I had been carrying. Days after the session, I continued to access a lightness, confidence and openness that I know stemmed from the work that Andrea did. My session with Andrea defied all expectations of what breathwork was, and allowed me to grow past the things that held me back. I can wholeheartedly attribute that growth to Andrea’s unconditional love and powerful healing.

I can wholeheartedly attribute that growth to Andrea’s unconditional love and powerful healing.

Testimonials 15

Da Eun (she/her)

filmmaker & podcaster

Where do I even start? It is a cheesy understatement to say that Andrea changed my life.

Hear me out; when I decided to enroll in BTC, I had just taken a leap of faith to quit my full-time job as an engineer to attend film school. This was a decision to live more authentically & passionately. I was eager to share deeply moving, personal stories about Asian Americans, but I knew that I hadn’t quite reached the point where I was willing to open up to myself and confront traumas, feelings of resentment/sadness/anger that had gone ignored for many years. I was basically pacing anxiously back and forth in front of a locked door, wanting to break into it but being scared of what I would find on the other side. Enrolling in BTC was a leap of faith to trust Andrea and to trust myself that I AM able to heal, from wounds and pains that I was both aware and unaware of.


Fast forward 3 months later, I’ve stepped through this intimidating door that I had been pacing back and forth in front of. I’m clear and aware of how there are many other doors for me to unlock, but instilled in me is this intuition/trust that I hold all the keys, and walking through these doors leads me to more healing, more broken cycles, more intentional living the life I’ve dreamed of. I’m no longer in a fight with myself – I was my harshest critic, meanest parent, bashing myself and making myself small. Now, I’ve stepped into my power to create abundant love for myself, ease in my relationships, peace and joy in my career, and so much more that is to come. Not to say that I am not going to ever feel sad/angry/reactive/judgmental in my life, but Andrea has gifted me so many tools and practices that I can turn to so that I can embody the being and spirit I want and choose to be. This is much different from reading a self-help book and knowing in my head what makes sense – this is a FULL-BODIED ALIGNMENT to my highest self, my highest self that I did not even realize existed in me this entire time. If you think about it, society teaches us to listen to our minds to make the final decision, but the most moving moments in our lives probably come from anywhere else other than our minds; Andrea has shown me that there is so much else to listen to other than our minds: we can listen to our hearts, our gut, our bodies, and those are just as valid and affirming.


I want to also share how Andrea as an individual has supported me. This work is not often done by women of color, let alone an Asian American woman. To be in a space where I put my trust in someone whose story resonates with me so much, that’s a whole other level of understanding and resonance that I have not seen often. Every question Andrea posed to me, I felt like my soul was being bared raw. Never had I ever felt so seen (almost like an exposed nerve) and feel so open to receiving and not feel defensive or protective. Andrea embodies love, empowerment, truth, purpose, and light. She has created the possibility for children of immigrants and women of color to heal from intergenerational traumas and not just have abundance, BE abundance.


This is the program for you if you are ready to level up and change. These changes aren’t changes seen on a resume, these are changes in how you literally show up in the world. 3 months is a very short amount of time, but I can confidently say I am so changed, and this change is not fleeting.


I’m now always going to envision the world I want to live in and the person I want to be, and know that I am actively creating that world and that person. I’m forever empowered to create the possibilities and opportunities that I don’t see existing.

Thank you Andrea, thank you BTC ❤️