The best of (Chuck) Bass


I’ve watched the Gossip Girl season finale about 3 times now… and I’ve never been more proud to say that I have been a fan of Gossip Girl since i read the full book series in 6/7th(?) grade. It’s great to see it wasn’t butchered like so many other movie/tv adaptations. I find it quite amazing how different mediums- books or tv- transform the content.

I didn’t know what to expect for the finale… All I have to say is that as more and more of the story unfolded and it reached its end, just when I thought it couldn’t get better, a baby Bass appears! In a full three piece suit, no less.

Too much menswear amazingness in one photo.


i thought i’d never see the day.

It’s only natural we take a moment to look at the best of Bass throughout the seasons to finish off what has been an incredible series if not to appreciate Chuck Bass in all his glory.

It all began with the J.Press scarf. The scarf that became synonymous with swag and sophistication overnight.  J.Press began in 1902 catering to its Ivy League clientele and is still in business. It is with this scarf that we all knew Chuck was the epitome of the young modern gentleman on national television.


Of course Chuck and any other modern gentleman is nothing without his suits. You can never go wrong with black and white.

The best of (Chuck) Bass 15

Beware, as it may seem easy looking like Chuck does, but any prudent mind knows that what appears to be simple is usually not as easy as it looks. It takes time and experimentation. I think pulling off, let alone tying a bowtie could actually be a skill.

The modern gentleman knows how to look and be presentable especially with a lovely lady by his side. He, like Chuck Bass knows balance is key. Coordinating his pieces together in a understated yet stylish manner always makes for a fresh look. He should never overpower his counterpart but complement her.

The best of (Chuck) Bass 16


The modern gentleman also knows its always nice to mix things up a bit and keep things interesting. Coordinating stripes with prints and tying it all together with an aesthetically pleasing color palette, shows both business and sartorial savvy.

Knowing how/what appropriate dressing is, is just as important and requires as much good taste as dressingly elegantly. You might be dressing elegantly but for the wrong occasion or time.

What i like best about Chuck, is that he learned how to stand out and be strong which makes for an undeniably irresistible presence. Before, he had to dress flamboyantly to grab our attention. Now, he graces us with his presence and with just a smoldering nod he manages to catch our attention without fail. The more he experienced, matured and felt comfortable with himself, the more it showed through his clothing and presentation.


He understands the importance of fit. How the fit of a suit can easily make or break the whole ensemble.


How important it is that one develops a style that is right for their lifestyle- physique, preferences- but also their aspirations. Even if he looks put together, being the second rate version of someone else is nothing compared to a first rate version of yourself. Chuck looks impeccable here but its an obvious nod to the Gordon Gekko look and on second thought, the banker look complete with suspenders doesn’t quite fit Chuck here. What worked for Gordon doesn’t necessarily work for Chuck.

The best of (Chuck) Bass 17

The best of (Chuck) Bass 18


Chuck also recognizes that reflecting on the past is always appreciated. Just as long as you don’t get stuck there and instead, you masterfully incorporate the two. A double breasted jacket with an updated light brown shoe makes a sophisticated look with a vintage feel.

Attention to detail is probably one of Chuck’s best and most important traits whether it be scheming or styling.

It could be in the contrast lapel or sheen of his jacket (an absolute must have in any modern man’s closet in my honest opinion)


Or the subtle plaid of his jacket that strings together his bowtie and pants with the theme of lines.


Or the plush texture of his velvet blazer that gives off a slight glow which echoes in his silk cravat and pocketsquare.


And no matter how good-impeccable-dashing you look in an outfit,

The best of (Chuck) Bass 19

it means nothing when there’s an overwhelming sense of brooding angst. An outfit is most attractive with a smile or at least some form of satisfaction. always.

and what is any outfit without a clean groomed face to top it off?

The best of (Chuck) Bass 20

Especially the coiffure (Quiff as its commonly known as for men) with a side part. to die for. Anyone who is twenty something and can pull this off… you’re off to a great start.

The best of (Chuck) Bass 21

Zhao Lei in (Hong Kong) Manifesto Magazine #2 Nov/Dev 2011 Editorial: Meeting Mr. Swagger

If Chuck Bass can go from a dark, brooding, attention seeking, womanizing lost boy… to a put together, self assured, charming Chuck Bass worthy of an e-card….

The best of (Chuck) Bass 22

There is hope for one and through transitive property, there is hope for us all.

It doesnt happen overnight and it doesn’t come easy. but it happens. So never stop dreaming. Don’t stop experimenting.



Chuck Bass and Menswear for the win!

Good bye Gossip Girl. Thank you for the memories and inspiration.

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