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If you are somewhere in the Northeast and waited/waiting for Sandy to pass like I was, your windows probably looked something like this.

For hours…

Artistic leaning 23

By this time you are probably quite aware that when it rains, it drips.

When it drips, it blurs.

When it blurs, you wipe or squeegee.

The 80 year old German painter Gerhard Richter is the world’s priciest living artist (WSJ) and creator of about 3,000 paintings, among them a series of  large colorful abstract paintings done using a squeegee.

This abstract painting 1990 by Gerhard Richter is being sold Nov 13 at the Contemporary art sale in New York. Asking price: $16 million 

Artistic leaning 24

Granted, rain on a window is probably not what inspired the series of paintings but given recent events, that is all I see looking at his work. After the initial reaction of aversion and inner chaos, there is something so beautiful, intriguing and still about the randomness of both the weather and his art.

Artistic leaning 25

Gerhard Richter [Overpainted View of Florence], 2000, Oil paint on chromogenic print, 12 x 12 cm.

Gerhard doesn’t have a specific picture in mind when he paints. He ” wants to end up with a picture that [he hasn’t] planned. This method of arbitrary choice, chance, inspiration and destruction may produce a specific type of picture, but it never produces a predetermined picture.” By not planning the outcome, he achieves “the same coherence and objectivity” that nature, like Sandy, possesses.

Artistic leaning 26

my favorite

During storms like this, it seems as though things become equally important and equally unimportant in uncertainty and transience. While it is happening, the excess is blurred out and the important things come into focus. After it passes everything just seems like a blur.

This storm has put life on a halt for millions-even the NYSE  closed for two days for the first time since 1888- but, I believe there is beauty in the blur.

Perhaps we all needed this storm to force us to be inside and in the dark, differentiating the sense from the smudge, the blurs from the boons. (and breaking our diets and catching up on work)

Although (thankfully) I never lost power, it was strange to see everything else around me shutting down or getting paralyzed, especially in the city that never sleeps.  With no work to distract, many were faced with necessary boredom and the “arbitrary choice, chance and destruction” as shown in Richter’s paintings. Hopefully there was also a surge of inspiration.

Artistic leaning 27

Artistic leaning 28

His art reminds me of another person I met at the Levo League party.

Meet Amanda: fashion designer who not only made her dress but also hand painted it! Talk about standing out and wearing “one of a kind”…

Artistic leaning 29

Artistic leaning 30

Not many can say they made let alone hand painted their dress, but take a look at Lanvin Fall 2012, get inspired and express your creativity/artistic leaning through your clothing.

I hope all of you were safe and warm during the storm. Although things look to be much more calm, please stay safe inside!  The storm was the most destructive in the 108 year history of the NY subway system and power went out for roughly 6 million people. Hopefully we will be able to recover as soon as possible. Fingers crossed. Thinking of everyone who was affected and sending my best wishes.

Once it is safe to say this Sandy lockdown is over, I say we get out of our pjs, cozywear, etc and look like

($16) million bucks having braved the storm.

Click images to view outfit details. 

   Artistic leaning 31Artistic leaning 32

Artistic leaning 33

Artistic leaning 34

Artistic leaning 35


“When [things are] not blurred, so many details seem wrong, and the whole thing is wrong too. Then smudging can help make the painting invincible, surreal, more enigmatic.”- Gerhard Richter

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