The most romantic thing

“I want to learn about life with you” he said as he leaned against the wall.

“Hmm?” I turned around to face him, wondering if I heard him correctly.

“You heard me, I want to learn about life with you. I think it would be fun to learn and go through life together. To share life experiences with each other.”

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the gentleman is the new bad boy

I was speechless. Who says that kind of stuff?! and to me?

I don’t remember how I responded or what else happened that day. I don’t remember where we went that day. I don’t remember why he said that in the first place. All I know is that this happened almost 2 years ago and that moment is forever immortalized in my mind.

He wasn’t asking me to marry him. He wasn’t asking me anything. He was telling me that he didn’t see himself getting sick of me anytime soon. That the thought of seeing me without my makeup, half asleep, sweaty from a run or crying was just as appealing as seeing me all gussied up, energized and on my A-game. He was telling me that it was ok that I wasn’t perfectly packaged because he wasn’t either. He meant that he saw me as part of his life and that he was hoping that I saw him as part of his. We could help and support each other, experience life together, be there for and with each other, for however long or short of a time period we had together.

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just watching a movie, eating some fruit. staying in for NYE

In this day and age where everyone just wants a quick fix, instant gratification, no commitments and “easy” relationships, this meant the world to me. Quite frankly, it’s difficult to 1) find someone you like and accept completely and 2) to have that person like you back for who you are, quirks and all. It was the most romantic thing a guy had ever said to me. Even better than “I l-ve you” in my opinion.

When I saw “Korean Artist Beautifully Illustrates What Real Love Looks Like” come up on my newsfeed the other day, of course I clicked.. and what he said to me came to mind. I was happy to see that the real love depicted was all about the little moments, because real love isn’t just about expensive dates and crazy nights. It’s also the quiet mornings, the do-nothing days and the difficult conversations even after the initial intrigue is gone.

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Sure, the nice dinners and sweeping gestures are always appreciated. I’m still a sucker for them. But the truth is, anyone can buy you dinner and eat with you through the courses. But who will give you company that makes whatever you’re doing that much better? Who will make food with you? Who will eat it with you? Who will clean up with you? Who will be that person you can’t wait to talk to about your day? The one who gives you a hug after a rough week? The one whose breathing calms you as you doze into sleep? The one whose smile instantly brightens your day? The one who comes to you for solace?

With love, its the little things. Those unforgettable and fleeting moments. The presence. The feelings.

Thank you Puuung for these lovely drawings that capture the moments I wouldn’t be able to fully list in words.

I’m smiling because I can relate to each and every one of these, and I can’t wait to experience all of this again in the near future, as the person I am now.

Nothing but good things to look forward to,


Check out all of these drawings in the artists’ grafolio | Facebook. I think these need to be put in a book.

The most romantic thing 21

The most romantic thing 22

The most romantic thing 23

The most romantic thing 24

The most romantic thing 25

The most romantic thing 26

The most romantic thing 27

The most romantic thing 28

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The most romantic thing 29

The most romantic thing 30

Photo credit for all drawings: Puuung (퍼엉)

 grafolio | Facebook

The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.”

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