The Multicultural Gala- an Evening of Many Cultures, at the Met

It’s not often that you get to start off the week celebrating cultures with one of your favorite people in the city, at the legendary Metropolitan museum of art.

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On a beautiful Monday (September 23, 2013 (yes this is a late post)) I had the experience of accompanying my mentor to the Multicultural Gala at the Met. It was described as a ‘black tie affair’ so I even went and rented something to wear at Rent the Runway (see blog post here)

Straight after work, I touched up my makeup, changed and headed uptown for cocktails.

The Met is always beautiful but it was particularly stunning that night. IMG_5971

As expected, I was one of the youngest people there, which I’m not complaining about and have gotten used to 🙂


Yummy Mojitos on a Monday



After mingling in the Charles Engelhard court with other guests and Magic Johnson no less, we headed over to Temple of Dendur for dinner.


Excuse the horrible photo. I think the person taking the photo was so starstruck he was shaking haha. I told Magic Johnson “I hope you don’t mind taking a photo with us but she won’t take a photo with me unless you’re in it so….”

He was more than happy to even after being bombarded by a dozen others. Thank you Mr. Johnson!

Also, to be honest, I kind of cringe when I see this photo. Even though it was just a month ago, I can definitely say I have gotten slimmer since then. (Read about that here and here). I feel like I’m looking at a stranger when I look at this picture!


upon entering the Temple of Dendur for dinner

While we enjoyed dinner,  various honorees expressed thanks for the honor of being recognized as contributors to the development and growth of the Met.

I felt so special and lucky to be enjoying such wonderful company in such a beautiful setting. Truly made my Monday.

IMG_5997 - Version 2

I was impressed by how eloquent everyone was up on the podium. I remember telling my mentor, “I don’t even know what I would say if I were up there.”

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to stand up on stage with confidence and be able to speak with as much charisma and passion as they did!


Here’s what I looked like in the dress I rented from Rent the Runway. I wanted to be comfortable and youthful but polished. How did i do?IMG_6042 IMG_6029

 After dinner, everyone moved to the Great Hall where desserts were being served. This is where the dance party portion of the night was being held. You may recognize this as the main entrance of the Met.


The Met never ceases to amaze me. Everytime I go, there’s always something new. Not only is it the home of some of the most exquisite and beautiful works of art but it is also a place for leisure and cultural exchange. It is truly a place for memories and new friends.

I had so much fun being my mentor’s “date” for the night and I can’t wait to come back to the Met again! I couldn’t thank her enough for inviting me and allowing to experience this with her. Her friendship is probably one of the most valuable relationships I’ve maintained throughout the years. It’s because of her that I can’t stress enough the importance of finding and befriending someone (older) who you not only get along with but look up to and respect.

Hope this inspires you to go visit the Met sometime soon to experience its magic 🙂


If you’re still in college,

They have a College Group at the Met with events just like these except with college students if you’re interested!

Check it out and have your own magical night at the Met.

Even better, Learn more about the group, get involved.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art- 1000 Fifth Avenue (at 82nd Street)

“If you want to access the worlds’ cultures, go to the Met”-The Sau Wing Family, one of the honorees of the night.

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