The Rare Specimen Vocabulary

I love words. I love vocabulary. I always have since I was younger (spelling bees and the reading section on the SAT were actually fun for me). I like learning the etymology of words and understanding the definitions.

Lately I’ve been making up my own words, because sometimes there just aren’t words that already exist to describe new and incredible things/feelings.

Since having my Rare Specimen (significant other) in my life, these words have come up over and over again. We both agree that these are very useful in our relationship. These words may already exist online somewhere but either way, I’m defining them the way that I’ve come to experience them. I’m hoping they will be useful to you too. 🙂

Let’s begin in no particular order:


The Rare Specimen Vocabulary 13

Example: “I can’t even call him my boyfriend, because that would be putting him in the same bucket as all those boys who preceded him. He’s not a boy and he’s more than just a special someone.”

“So he’s a….. rare specimen?”

“Yes exactly! He’s like an alien of a person. Almost too good to be true. But he’s real!”

2.  The Rare Specimen Vocabulary 14

Examples: There’s been times that he (or I) will do or say something wonderful, usually unexpectedly, and the only response to it is …..TIWILY.

“I had a conversation with my uber driver and he said that I made his day but I was just being myself.” “….TIWILY.”

“I’ll go make breakfast.” *comes back with a bowl of greek yogurt with expertly cut and equally proportional fruit, nicely plated (because he knows I appreciate presentation) without me even asking*   “….TIWILY”

I’ve gotten TIWILY emails from him at like 4 AM because he woke up in the middle of the night and sending me a list was the solution to his insomnia.

3. The Rare Specimen Vocabulary 15


In cartoon version, I guess it would be something like this:


4.  The Rare Specimen Vocabulary 16

When we were talking about what we value in relationships and I said that growth mindset was probably the most important thing. And he had a brain orgasm because it’s exactly what he believes, he was surprised I knew what it was let alone said that as a top value.

Brain orgasm for me whenever we talk about how we are both planning the change the world and affect others in a positive way. The other day he said to me, “I figured out how I’m going to intentionally be exposed to other like minded people.” We brainstorm/brain orgasm together quite often like this.

5.  The Rare Specimen Vocabulary 17

FullSizeRender (31)

Great example of a soul kiss (on my side).


The Rare Specimen Vocabulary 18

“Wish you were here so I can hug you right now. One of those ten minute hugs.”

“A ten minute hug sounds like standing while cuddling.”

“Ten minute hugs: huggling. We can totally make it a thing.”

These are the words I feel should exist and we should be using more of, at least they do to me.

Hope they are helpful/entertaining/enlightening to you. Can we get this in urban dictionary at least?

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