The way I love my sister

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My sister started college this year the same way I started another “chapter” of my life here in Los Angeles.

My sister is 18, 5 years younger than I am and sure, we’ve always had a sisterly bond, but it is now that I can say with absolute confidence that she is one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege to meet in my short 24 years of life.

We’ve gotten a lot closer since she started college. It’s funny how when I was on the East Coast, only a few hours from my family, I rarely felt the need to visit. Moving to Los Angeles has made me need her support more than ever and has made me really realize how amazing she is. Not because she’s my sister and because sisters say things like that, but because she thinks and acts in a way that is beyond her years. I’ll tell her about something that I think she won’t understand and then she’ll respond simply and wisely. Just like that, she’ll hit the nail on the head and remind me of something that I had forgotten, or point out a simple truth. She responds with love and attention, and that teaches me to be a better person. It gives me hope in the younger/next generation.

Loving my sister, and seeing the way she loves me, has set the standard for how I want to love myself and other people, both in business and life.

It took me years to really appreciate, and accept, how this has shaped me.

She loves me even without makeup, even if my nails aren’t painted, even if my legs aren’t shaved, even when I’m passed out in the car, even if we’re sitting in silence. She loves me even when I’m being ridiculous or freaking out. She loves me even when I don’t love myself (though those phases are slowly disappearing with her love).

She loves me for my thoughts/ideas. My soul. My presence. My willingness.

She loves me in such a way that I can’t but help love her more everyday. It doesn’t need to be expressed everyday. It’s just understood.

She is my darling sissy poo.

Someone I can go on adventures with and share my deepest thoughts with.

She is one of a kind.

She is a “hell yes” everyday.

I can only hope that how I love her, because of how she loves me, sets the example for who and how she keeps the people closest in her life.

Sending you all my love from the west coast. Always together.


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My sister looking better in my clothes than I do.

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