This Christmas

I spent a bit of my Christmas this year reliving a childhood memory: strolling through Longwood Gardens in none other than, yes, Pennsylvania.


Longwood Gardens describes themselves as “the living legacy of Pierre S. du Pont, inspiring people through excellence in garden design, horticulture, education and the arts.” To many others its just a bunch of green stuff (aka Nature) and the cold air.

To me this is the place where I was introduced to a magical world of diversity in plants and horticulture.


Even to this day anyone should know better than to give me flowers, like roses, as a gift unless they’re extremely unique in how they look, different than the usual selections available or packed with meaning.



 I’ve simply just been exposed to too much beauty here to be ok with just an ordinary looking plant.



This is also probably where my early inclinations for texture, light and nature sprouted and grew. Even today, texture and light are two of my biggest influences when it comes to preference and taste.


Texture and light just makes everything….

DSC07257 DSC07258DSC07283 IMG_4036

a bit more interesting. 

DSC07286 IMG_4080

DSC07358 DSC07355

What was different this time, walking around as a 21-year old,  was that I no longer saw these plants as magical creatures of beauty, mystique and adventure. I saw them as sources of inspiration.

Inspiration for how I would style the interiors of my home in the future….



inspiration for tree decorations


and inspiration for handmade arts-and-crafts ornaments. Also known as ideas for my own family holiday traditions.

Aren’t the Santa Clauses so cute? They’re made out of popsicle sticks! I can’t wait to do this with my kids in the (way) future.


Walking through Longwood Gardens, overdosing on this beauty, I understood where my appreciation for long walks and lighted paths came from…

IMG_4106 IMG_4079

and was reminded of how not too long ago in this garden splendor, as a young child, I learned that there was just so much more out there. More than I saw. More than I knew. More than I could ever imagine. If only I dared to take a look or venture into another world.

Oh and its official. I want a bonsai tree. (pronounced bone-sigh)


“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”- Albert Einstein

All photos were taken by me at Longwood Gardens. Please credit accordingly!

Happy Holidays to you and yours

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