TILWIT- Listen to your jealousies

I started a series awhile ago: “Things I’m learning while I’m 20-something (TILWIT)” and didn’t keep up with it because my blog is essentially all about that. I reconsidered and I think I’ll continue with TILWIT to point out specific and reoccurring thoughts.

In the time that I have been in New York, I’ve learned that intimidation and jealousy is not necessarily a bad thing. That uncomfortable feeling and surge of adrenaline that rushes through me when I see something or someone have what I don’t, helps me to highlight what I feel is lacking in my life. That being said, the root of envy is often a desire for something you don’t have. Paying attention to these stings of envy then being conscious of what it is and why it is you want it can help you start to gear your thinking and action to attaining it yourself. Just be sure that this jealousy isn’t negative self talk; i.e “She has an amazing job. I guess I’m not smart/talented/pretty enough to be like that.” Know your end goal and start to map out the steps you need to take to achieve it. As millennials, we’re used to instant gratification but this definitely takes time and effort. Know what it is you want, go after it and be persistent in achieving it. If it helps, make a vision board.

TILWIT- Listen to your jealousies 3

(woman or man :))

Just remember you are awesome right now, and the only way to go from here is Up.

P.s. We’re in it together.


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