TILWIT- the beginning

I’ve been seeing a lot of “Things I wish I knew when I was 20 Something” or “Things I learned in my 20’s” articles floating around the internet rcently.

This post is the beginning of the TILWIT series: Things I’m Learning While I’m Twenty-something. 21 to be exact.

I once met a lovely woman while I was volunteering 7 months ago in the city. She and I had multiple talks but she said something I will never forget: “I’m not 72 years old. I have 72 years of experience.”

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in February voluteering- can you say bear mountain?

Having been in New York for 3+ years and having turned 21 recently. I’m not 21 years old. I have 21 years of experience. So here it goes: A list of lessons learned throughout the years and things that are coming into sharp focus this year, especially. (more after the jump)

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Write it down.

Do not trust your mind to remember. Memory is a very funny thing and I think you’d agree. Put it in writing or it didn’t happen. It’s ok to take mental notes when someone gives you a list of things to do, but write it down immediately unless you plan on repeating that list to yourself until you accomplish everything on it (not likely). Chances are you have other things to do and random thoughts will naturally populate your mind. The physical act of writing things down is not only helpful but therapeutic (this coming from a Post-it fiend and avid journaler). I have about 3 little notebooks I carry for the sake of writing down random thoughts for future reference and I often write in my memos/notes in my phone. Without these I probably wouldn’t remember or reflect on events that happened yesterday let alone a week ago; in fact a lot of the upcoming blog posts would not even exist.

Write it down and write it when it’s still fresh in your mind-when the passion and inspiration of thought is still lingering.

Chicken scratch, scribble, doodles will suffice.

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