Valentine’s Day Professions of Love

This post is dedicated to three people I always think about and am utterly thankful for (besides my family). It just so happens to be Valentine’s day (which should make this totally ok and not awkward). 🙂


the Love sign in Taipei

These three individuals have helped shaped the way I think of Love ESPECIALLY in the past few months.  In fact, I made this mix inspired by them not too long ago. They have helped me understand and experience different kinds of love… They’ve helped me see it in a different light…The meaning of love has changed drastically for me over the years under their influence.


is welcoming you with open arms and the warmest of hugs without shame or pride. It doesn’t matter if it has been years, months or days. They give you that extra squeeze that makes up for lost time. No words necessary.

Love is still wanting to hang out with you and share a meal even though you’re sick or miserable company.

Love makes you feel at home and wonders if there’s anything else you need to feel comfortable because it understands you’re visiting and in an unfamiliar place.

Love is taking time out of a busy schedule to take you somewhere out of the way, without making you feel guilty.  They could have easily just lounged around at home to relax but instead they’re going somewhere with you. They are great adventure buddies.

Love is not lazy. It is energizing.

Love is agreeing to go running with you at 7 in the morning before a long day at work because it’s something you wanted to do.

In fact, it makes them go and outrun you, helping you realize you’re uh… kind of out of shape. It gives you the push you sorely need without making you feel bad about yourself.

It believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Love is not just words, but also action.

Love inspires.

Love is taking a photo of you and making you feel ok about how you look… even though you think you look horrible and usually dislike every photo anyone else besides you takes of you.


special person 1 (in no particular order btw)

Love is sending you an emoticon or smiley face in a message by itself halfway across the world- without reason or explanation- and making you feel better instantly.

It waits for you. It lets you take your time. It is patient. It asks.

Love is buying a heater for you because you’ve been getting chills and get cold at night even though they don’t need it or really want it.

Love is spending time with you during a break not because they have to, but because they want to.

Love doesn’t make sense, but feels right.


special person 2 at a puzzle cafe

Love is spending time doing a puzzle- or something really boring and quiet- and only picking the your phone to take a picture, but never to text someone.

Even if it is silent, it’s not boring. They enjoy your company and presence. You have their complete attention.

Love is when they actually LISTEN- whether it is a rant or complaint- and give you a valid response. Instead of immediately talking about their day or just telling you what you want to hear, they are helpful. They are sincere.

Love gives you something to think about. Calls you out. Consoles you. Cries with you. Laughs with you.

Love is sharing with you favorite places, things or memories. Even if you weren’t there for it or might have missed it, they give you a peek inside their mind. They share with you what makes them happy or excites them. Love shares.

Love doesn’t mind if you ask them for a favor. They would be more than happy to do it- in fact, they would’ve done it anyway.

Love is taking the train (or whatever transportation is available) for however long, to go see you.

Love is sending you a photo of where they are right now, because they wish you were there with you.

Love is teaching you something new without making you feel stupid.

Love walks for hours with you, even though it’s night… and it’s more convenient (and faster) to take a cab.

It understands when you don’t know something but also takes the time to explain and help you.

Love does the harder thing. Love is difficult at times.

It tells you when you’re wrong because they want the best for you.

photo (21)

this photo just made me realize that I dont have a photo of person 3.

Love encourages you to try new things and places to eat. It wants you to fill your mind and stomach with only the best things.

Love is good for you.

Love leads you outside your comfort zone but is there right beside you or behind you.

Love sees you off and makes sure that you’re headed in the right direction. It makes sure that you are going where you need to go.

It keeps you strong even as you tremble.

 It feels safe.

Love does everything that they can for you, when they can.

Love might be annoying or feel inconvenient.. but it changes you for the better.

Love does things just because.

It is both the calm and the crazy in your world.

Love exists even though much time hasn’t passed. It is through consistency and quality that it lives, not the length of time or distance.

It touches you with generosity and kindness.

It makes you feel.

Love is there for you if you let it, and are open to it.

Love is real. Real is love.

Love is.



Here is my gushy post for today.

To these three (if you are reading this): I’m so lucky to have someone like you in my life.

By being yourself- unapologetic and true- you have allowed me to be comfortable to do the same.

You give me hope that there are some amazing people in the world.

Thank you.

The good news and best part to those who are reading?

You can and probably are this person to someone already. And should you find yourself relating to this blog post, thinking of someone as you read, I hope you’ll tell them how much they mean to you.

After all, it is valentine’s day.

Spread the love.


From the bottom of my heart,


The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.– Helen Keller

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