Voices of the World, as heard from Brooklyn Bridge

So spring break is over and my sister isn’t in New York anymore so really, I’m posting the adventures we had together to relive them. It’s already been more than a week since I posted last. Where does the time go?!

One of the adventures I had planned for her was a trip to Brooklyn to eat some yummy pizza. I even had a whole day planned for her, hour by hour, but of course the day I wanted to go New York decides it it’s going to precipitate some strange mélange of snow/hail/rain (even though it’s supposed to be Spring). We ended up not going to Brooklyn for the full adventure but we still went to the bridge. I mean, it’s not everyday she’s here- Carpe diem, right? Even though the photos look calm as ever, do not be fooled as our faces were exfoliated by the hail and we nearly got blown away.

Nevertheless, I’m glad we went. It’s been about 2 or 3 years since I’ve last visited and even though the bridge essentially looked the same, we happened to find more than just the bridge under repair. (read more to find out!)


We survived Brooklyn Bridge!


I was glad to see we weren’t the only crazies going across the bridge. I guess I should take comfort in the fact that in New York, even if you think what you’re doing is crazy, there’s always someone doing something worse or crazier . We even saw people biking and running across the bridge!


the view below


the view above: cloudy with a chance of skyline (?

I expected a long (but windy) quiet walk with my sister but things got a bit more interesting when we came across messages written by visitors of the bridge on the metal and wood intended for the bridge’s construction. The walls were marked with messages of encouragement, love, longing, loneliness-even self promotion- but most of all: hope. I could almost hear the voices in all different languages.

Imagine the longest hall of graffitti on these walls.


Even though New York can be a lonely place at times despite how many people there are, there is always someone thinking the same thoughts and going through the same things you are. The proof is below in the photos. Click to enlarge and read the captions!

And of course, how could I just read and look at what was there and not contribute?


I just had to.

I couldn’t take pictures of everything that was written so you’ll have to visit and see for yourself! I hope it’ll be nicer out when you decide to go. Let me know what you think. The bridge is supposed to be under construction until 2014! (More info at the end of this post)




photo (11)


“Try and leave this world a little better than you found it.” – Boys/Girls scouts

Stay tuned for more adventures with my sister. more photos to come!

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How to get there:
From Manhattan: City Hall Park at Park Row and Centre Street. From Brooklyn: at Tillary/Adams Streets or a staircase on Prospect St between Cadman Plaza East and West

Nearest Subways: To walk across the bridge from Manhattan, take the 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, N/R to City Hall or the 2/3 to Park Place. To walk across the bridge from Brooklyn, take the A/C to High Street or the 2/3 to Clark Street.

Open 24 hours and no charge for walking across and no toll if driving!

Brooklyn bridge website

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