Walk and Talk Interview Series on my Youtube!

I started a YouTube Channel one year ago because I had the idea and vision to share stories visually. This channel is meant to capture all of the things I have in my brain, and the things and people I experience that I want to remember and immortalize in video.

I have been able to meet some great people and it’s only in the last few months that I realized one of my favorite things to do- walk and talk- would be the perfect way to capture someone else’s thoughts, the way I can sit in front of the camera and share with you mine.

Here are some of the walk and talks I’ve done so far, with a few ladies I am lucky to call my friends here in LA.

They are shaky and certainly not perfect, but I hope you’re able to take away something from each of them. Stay tuned for more to come. If you know anyone who I should connect with in LA, please let me know!

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Also, if we haven’t met before check out my about page so you know who’s doing the interviewing.

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