We found Hope in a Loveless place

It’s easy to get caught up in the New York hustle: we all have our own things to do, places to go, people to see. Sometimes it really does seem like a jungle out there where it is every man for himself. We often put ourselves first or become selfish and we allow relationships with others to fizzle on the backburner. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Newtown shootings (among other things),  just walking around New York sometimes I can’t help but wonder “Where’s the love?”


Somewhere in Chelsea

It seems as though others are wondering the same thing, at least the street artists are!


lower east side- Love me

President Obama claimed that “the ’empathy deficit’ is more of a pressing problem than the federal deficit” (read more here). People often don’t display empathy unless there is a clear reward or something given in return. This is true of anything in business or life right? Businesses thrive on the concept of ROI (return on investment) and in life we don’t really commit to anything unless we gain something. However, with small acts of empathy or just love (whatever that might mean to you today) “social glue” is created. This is the “evolutionary basis of human cooperation” and what the president believes will further progress.

In my experience, in the city in business and life, whenever I have showed consideration, empathy, love or all of the above, I have been able to meet and/or get closer to others which results in great memories and better results. Jeff Haden of Inc.com alludes to this concept in his article: 6 habits of remarkably likeable people where he suggests that displaying different forms of empathy whether it be by losing the “power pose” (being humble/approachable), being genuine, listening/asking or just simply being polite makes you better at small talk or overall a more social person.




Outside a store near union square


i forget where this was. Peace is the new Funky.


during my run a couple months ago along hudson river park. Love me


Soho Street art


downtown, the other day


LA, Summer 2012

Sometimes it’s not the “things” that we give, but the things we do or say. Whether it’s kind words, a gesture, a smile, reaching out, show that you care in whatever way you can, one act and person at a time at the office or just running errands (cause we can’t all go spray paint a wall to show some love). We can always use more kindness, empathy, love, etc in the world. You’d be surprised how far that gets you. Yes it puts you in a position of vulnerability but I’d say the gains outweigh the risk.

I’ve already made the resolution to do the harder thing to become a better student, person and “New Yorker” despite how easy it is to get jaded here.

Next order of business: I’ll be sending love by making valentines (i usually give them out anyway its just the 4th grader in me) and be posting on my blog. This idea is something I came across the other day. Join me!

“Make valentines/anything that symbolizes love, take a picture of them and starting February, especially on Feb 14, post it on your blog or facebook or in your front window.” (source)

Sending my Love. Thanks for reading 🙂

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend.” Martin Luther King

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Happy Friday 🙂

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