We insertVerbhere together relationships

I mentioned this to Rowena awhile ago when I slept over at her place and we hung out, but I’m reminded of what I said time and time again as I meet more and more people here in LA. I have this theory that the more verbs you can do with other people in your life, the more fulfilling, full, inspiring, joyful and deep the connection and relationship is.

Example: After spending¬†the weekend in San Diego with my boyfriend I realized there’s not much we can’t do together. We see the world in such a similar way that we always have fun and are down to try new things. We _________ together in so many different ways and contexts. He’s a true companion, confidante and partner. I also am lucky to have multi-faceted deep platonic relationships as I become more of myself.

We insertVerbhere together relationships 1

We eat together

We explore together.

We meet people together.

We learn together.

We teach each other.

We laugh together.

We question together.

We cook together.

We clean together.

We sleep together.

We read together

We exercise together.

We dream together.

We listen to music together.

We get inspired together.

We work (on ourselves) together.

We watch movies together.

We wonder together.

We share inspiration with each other.

We hike together.

We take pictures together.

We enjoy the simple things together.

We take in views together.

We struggle together.

We think through things/process together.

We are there for each other.

We respect each other

We fight for what we believe in together.

We create together.

We encourage each other.

We love each other.

We love together.

We insertVerbhere together relationships 2

To be honest, when I lived in NYC, it was too hectic and busy for me to even get to this level with many people. Some people I’d work with, some I’d live with, some I’d hang out with, but no one I’d really do all of the above with.

To be able to do all the things with someone/other people and be comfortable with that is something I’ve always wanted in my life so I’m grateful to 1) have people in my life I can do/be that with 2)to have become someone that another person would want to do that with.

We insertVerbhere together relationships 3

Thank you. x


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