What I love: Quora

I like to read. Some people like to read the paper everyday. I like to read Quora everyday.

It’s one app that I use everyday alongside google maps and instagram.

What is Quora exactly? Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. The way I like to describe it: a reddit but for more… profound topics (at least in my experience).

What I love: Quora 5

It helps me to get out of my own mind, get a sense of the bigger picture and collect other perspectives on topics of my choosing.

I have become very selective with what I read online and offline. There is just so much information out there, and I only have so much time to read everything. I’d rather not know about some silly thing happening in pop culture, and instead feed my mind with more fulfilling things.

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a screenshot of my homescreen

Out of the few apps I have on my phone (I try to keep it to just the essentials), Quora is one of the few apps I use everyday. I would describe it as a daily dose of humanity.

It’s the thing that I read for an extra kick in the butt, the reassurance that I am not alone, and the source for thoughtful answers to the questions I’m afraid to ask. It always gives me something to think about.

Sure you can go to your facebook newsfeed, that personally never was enough for me.

What I love: Quora 6

Some threads I get email notifications for (because I want updates on any answers direct to my inbox):

Philosophy of Everyday Life: What are the top ten things I should experience in life?

What are the most difficult and useful things people have to learn in their 20s?

What myths do we most commonly realize are false in our 20s?

Really deep questions, I know.

I’m certainly not as active on it as I would like to be (because I blog here) but I’d like to start writing some answers!

In the meantime I’d recommend you read and click around there. Maybe you’ll find an answer that you were looking for?


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