What to pack for the beach

I can’t believe summer (at least August) is over. Did you get your beach fix? If you follow me on Instagram you know I spent my birthday weekend a few weeks back in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. I pride myself in being a pretty good packer and wanted to share with you what I took with me that made time at the beach that much more enjoyable for me. So lets talk beach vacation essentials. Below you’ll find a list of exactly what to pack for the beach you’re heading to 🙂

what to pack for the beach

Beach Trip Essentials:


I used spf 50 and reapplied multiple times but I still got super super dark! Something about the east coast sun I feel is stronger… I don’t wear sunscreen enough while in LA, but it’s definitely important. Make sure you apply it on your face, especially getting the bridge of your nose and forehead! My boyfriend also puts it on the top of his ears.

Waterproof bag:

I’m so so glad I ordered a pouch with a lanyard before my trip because it helped when we went kayaking and when we went to the beach and didn’t want to carry much. It’s waterproof and fits your phone and maybe a credit card.



Tangle teezer:

Once your hair gets salty, it gets knotty. It’s a pain trying to detangle with a regular brush in my experience so the tangle teezer has been a life saver whenever I travel because its so compact and does a great job in detangling the mess my hair becomes from all of the outdoor activities. It doesn’t hurt to brush and they come in cute colors!



Beach Towel:

A towel is a necessity just because it’s not ideal to get sand stuck on your body or inside your bathing suit. Sure, you can get use a regular towel, but a beach towel feels different than one you shower with and is much more decorative and therefore exciting to use 🙂

Sun Hat:

A hat is a cute and fashionable way to shade your face during sunny days when sunscreen isn’t enough shield. It’s also a nice fashion statement.



Scrunching up your face to see in the hot sun gets tiring and can cause wrinkles. Sunglasses are both functional and fashionable, and a definite beach necessity. I’m still looking for another good pair that I can wear all the time, but the ones I’m wearing in the photo above are from JINS eyewear. Here’s some I like:


Sandals/flip flops:

You want a pair that are comfortable for you to walk around in but also ones that allow sand to easily fall out. Just be careful you don’t get a sandal tan. Your feet actually tan really easily since it’s exposed!


Skin Buffer/scrubber/exfoliator:

I like to bring an exfoliator or buffer/exfoliator because I like to tan evenly. It also helps to scrub off any dead skin cells that happen because you’re peeling and/or burnt. Just be careful to do it in the beginning before sun exposure or after vacation as you don’t want to be too tender or undo your tanning.


Camera + Tripod:

 To capture the memories while relaxing on the beach and take any cute photos of you with the things you bring with you!

Face Mask:

I love face masks as it is, but I always bring sheet masks when I travel to help cool my face after a long day of sun exposure. It also helps to even out skin tone and calm any sunburn I have. Plus, it’s just relaxing and a nice activity to do when you’re winding down for the night.

Things I didn’t pack in my carry on this time around but wish I brought to keep me cool!

S’well  bottle:

Whatever liquid you put in the bottle, S’well keeps cool/warm for a very long time. I’ve taken a S’well bottle into 110 degree weather and the water inside was still as cold as when I poured it in. This is good for local travel because I don’t think the metal does well with security in airports unless you check in your baggage. It also is helpful to have to keep you hydrated.

Water face spray:

Dehydration is a very real concern when you’re outside soaking up rays. I like to use a water spray to keep my skin looking fresh and give myself a nice boost when I feel like the sun is sucking out my energy. Something about the spray is also super relaxing.

Let me know what you pack for the beach that might be good to take next time? What beach do you like to go to?

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