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There are a lot of things I could be doing instead of writing this post. I could be watching tv, I could be sleeping, I could be eating, I could be exercising, but yet here I am, making the conscious effort to write my thoughts on this blog.

Why do I write? I don’t get paid for anything you see here. I write about very personal things and pour my heart out. Not a lot of people “like” it, even though they might read it. Why write when the easier thing would be…. not to do it?

Every year I get a reminder to renew my blog domain and I always consider letting it go and giving it up, but I don’t. Here are some reasons why:

  1. I write to become a better communicator. I started this blog wanting to get better at articulating my thoughts. I knew that I’m not the best writer and that only practice would help me improve. By putting these strings of thought on the paper or screen, I’m able to focus my thoughts and really figure out what I’m thinking and what it all means. It’s a great way to quiet my mind and sort things out. I’m much more articulate now than I was year ago, and I can thank writing for helping me have to explain myself.

2. I write to opens doors. Having this blog has allowed me to meet some incredible people. I’ve had the opportunity to meet individuals who are creating and doing cool and inspiring things like Daniel Wu, Joseph Lee and Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss. It has also been an insightful extension of my resume. On paper I graduated from fashion school, but with this blog, I’m a writer, thinker and connector. With writing, the possibilities of who you can meet, what you can talk about and what you can create are endless.

3. I write to connect. The stuff I write here might not be popular or viral, but it’s real and aspirational. I’m writing about the things I wish I saw or read more of as an Asian American Female, and by doing so, I’m hoping that I will be able to meet more like minded people. Quora has also been a great place for this, but this blog is where it all began and where I hope more opportunities will come from. If any of what I write resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to contact me on instagram or by email and say hello! 🙂

4. I write to inspire. I write in hopes that sharing my story will help you feel less alone, more understood, encourage you to strive for your dreams and be excited about possibility. I write about the things that matter to me so that it can (hopefully) make you think and provide perspective for positive change. Perhaps you’ll read something here that you didn’t know before or are curious about. For my story to be part of your “figuring out” process would be an honor.

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5. I write to remember. I know that if I’m taking the time to write it, it is meaningful to me. Having this blog be a record of thoughts/things/experiences has been helpful to measuring growth. It’s been so helpful to see and read how I felt or experienced things. It also sheds light on what has and hasn’t change, what continues to grow. The last few months, especially since I got to Los Angeles have been particularly life changing and I want to remember it.

Really, I write to help. To help myself improve and remember, and ideally to help others gain another perspective.

If you’re looking for a fashion blog with daily outfits, you won’t find that here. If you’re looking for substance (and style), the pursuit of “better” and adventure, that’s what I’m doing and hope to share with you in business and life.

Every comment/email I get in response to my writing, I wholeheartedly appreciate, so thank you for reading (and responding)!

Hope to see you on instagram or Quora . Find me there for more of my thoughts.

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