Why I REALLY moved to LA from NYC

As you may or may not know… I lived in New York for 6 of my most formative years. After a one week visit to both LA and SF (for 48 hours) back in April 2015, I came back to NYC only to decide to quit my job and move to the west coast.

Two years ago this month (May 2015 to be exact), I made this decision and my life has never been the same since.

I moved because…

I wanted to start again and start better.

I wanted to let go of what history, relationships, worries, social norms were holding me back.

I wanted to feel again, be excited, create, do, live not just exist.

I wanted to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

I wanted to be more of myself, unapologetically.

I wanted a more meaningful, fulfilling, joyful, heartfelt, love-filled existence.

I wanted better.

I wanted to live a fearless life.

So here I am. and here’s a video where I talk about why I REALLY moved to LA.

Even if you don’t change coasts or locations like I did, know that you can change the choices you make on a daily basis and you/your life will transform sooner than you know.

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One comment on “Why I REALLY moved to LA from NYC

  1. steve | 4 years ago

    I personally find people in general from the the large coastal cities to be a bit full of themselves. I know, This is a wide swath statement but it the grand scheme of things it is a true statement. What possessed you to choose LA over, say, oh, Denver or Arcadia, or Boise, or Atlanta or Salt Lake City?

    Why a big city at all? That isn’t Americana. You just flew over the USA to get to a NYC with a decent climate.

    The weather?

    This leads me to this. Here is a Yelp postings by June Chu:

    “Put it quite simply, if you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you. This establishment is definitely not authentic by any stretch of the imagination and perfect for those low class folks who believe this is a real night out. Side note: the employees are Chinese, not Japanese.”.

    “I guess if you are a white person who has no clue what mochi is, this would be fine for you.”

    Now, you may ask who June Chu. Well, she is a culturally sensitive dean at Yale.

    Have you ever caught yourself making statements like this or even thinking like this?

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