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These days I’m feeling healthier and happier than ever before.

Yes, there are days when I struggle to get out of bed (mostly because it’s dark and cold) but once I do, I’m feeling energized and ready to take on the day. My last blog post talks about how I wrote myself a manifesto and how I am taking full and serious responsibility for my health and happiness (in business and life).

As of today, it has been 20+ days since I have started abiding by the manifesto- eating healthier, exercising more, etc. Even though I’ve been busy/lazy about blogging, I’m happy to report that healthy habits are slowly but surely getting embedded in my daily routine.

At the end of the day, I choose what I eat and I choose whether or not I’m going to work out but my progress would not be possible without the motivation I get from others.


taken during one of my morning runs! (central park)

When I was just getting started the beginning of October, I found myself having a hard time getting momentum. I had surges of motivation but always found excuses. It was only until something happened at work that I really decided to get myself together. I was helping this person with something via email when I had the opportunity to finally meet her in person. As luck would have it, she works at Women’s Health Magazine.

Here’s how it went down:

“…………[random work stuff]

On another note, just wanted to thank you because meeting you and seeing how healthy and radiant you looked on Monday made me realize how sh*tty I looked and felt. Told myself last month I’d start running every morning (I was running at night if I had energy which I usually didn’t). Started running early this morning and am committed to doing that every day.

Any advice/tips/products you like or recommend to keep the momentum going- please let me know!


She answered by saying:

“Radiant?! Ha, I haven’t slept all week! And you are super hard on yourself!

SO GLAD I can help YOU! I love to return favors.

I’ve DEFINITELY found that working out in the morning boosts my energy—and saves me from the mental angst/guilt of fitting in an evening workout. Awesome idea to make a.m. workouts your goal!

Here’s an article with morning workout tips: It’s great to go to the gym or outside with a plan (like, I’m going to run 3 miles, or do at least 3 weight exercises on Mon, Wed, Fri)

What to eat before you workout: (I always get hungry in the morning and have found that looking forward to a pre-workout snack I like—usually toast and/or fruit—helps get me out of bed!) Also note: Every study shows that what you eat is way more important than how much you work out. It just takes too long to burn off calories, which you can eat SUPER fast. Also, eating more in the morning is always better than eating more at night because your body burns calories more efficiently during the day.

Also, I took a weight management class in college (I minored in nutrition) and one assignment was to wear a pedometer for a week and record how much we walked. I got HOOKED (I’m a little competitive with myself) and still wear one every now and again. Shoot for 10,000 steps a day (it’s easier than you’d think!) and try to beat your personal best every day! I like this one, which fits in the smallest front pocket of most jeans:,default,pd.html

If you want to do something for your body every day, I’d definitely recommend subscribing to our free newsletters: Full disclosure: They can be a little annoying, but contain our new content with actionable advice on how to get healthier. So yes, they clog your inbox. But signing up is like promising yourself to at least think about improving your lifestyle every day.

Hope this helps!!!”

I was definitely not expecting such a detailed email from her but am so thankful that she took the time to write that out. It was so thoughtful of her that I thought I’d share with you. She just wanted to mention:

“No problem! Feel free to share with whomever! Just let them know that I’m not a registered dietician or doctor or trainer–I’m just up to my elbows in this stuff everyday. Let me know how your resolution progresses!”

I hope you find this helpful! Another post on my own tips sometime soon.


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“80 percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

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