Work With Me

My promise to you:
In both the Breathwork sessions and coaching sessions, I will come as I am and I will always be lovingly honest. It is my honor to hold space for you.

The below are offerings for one time / introductory offerings if you aren’t yet sure about committing to 1:1 coaching.

EMOTIONAL DETOX- 1:1 Breathwork Healing (90 min)

Feeling stuck/ in a rut and not sure why? Dealing with lack of self confidence, depression or anxiety? Have you gotten off track and not sure why? Is your heart broken and now you’re feeling lost? Whether you have this sense of “more” and just aren’t sure of what that is… or you’re finding yourself in the same patterns even with all of the therapy and various healing modalities you’ve already done you’re here for a reason.

I’ve been there. I’m here to help you release the old beliefs and energy that is keeping you stuck. I’m here to help you connect back to your purpose, and learn how to heal from your most painful experiences. Let’s allow wisdom to come through the wounds. 

Schedule a call with me to learn more this session and identify what you’d like to work on. This is the best way to get introduced to my work.


Want a deep dive into what is really at the core of what you’re going through? This 1:1 intensive is a customized and targeted session to get to the root of what has been keeping you stuck/holding you back. I am here to help you process and unpack what you’ve been putting off and here to guide you through the breathwork that will help you clear the fog. This is for those who want a “deep cleaning” and inspection of their inner landscape. We dig deep into life purpose, limiting beliefs and combine actionable coaching with the healing aspect of breathwork meditation.

Each session is different and customized to the client’s needs, based off of an initial consultation call. Schedule a call with me to learn more.

1:1 COACHING (Click separate tab to learn more)