Work with me

If you’re here, it’s because you’re committed to your healing and transformation. Depending on if you’re LA local or not, I have the offerings below. All programs are intended to be used within a month’s time. Each month we’ll work together, one-on-one, on a topic or what comes up intuitively in the session. All the work we do together will be personalized and customized to YOU but example structured as below. No one’s journey is the same. 

A NOTE FROM ANDREA: I stumbled upon “this thing” called Breathwork and my life was forever changed. Though one session is powerful, this work is not a quick fix. You are not healed after one session. I am offering private coaching which blends action with mindfulness and introspection because facing our deepest pain and fear and learning to accept ourselves whole heartedly can be the most difficult thing we can ever do.

I do this work myself and support others through it because the self mastery, understanding and emotional freedom I have been able to achieve allows me to access the joy and power of knowing who I am. After decades of feeling insecure, alone and hopeless in my own body, I now live a life of purpose and connection where I feel empowered and in love with who I am and what I am creating on a daily basis.

It is my honor to support you in finding that in your own way, for yourself by serving as your guide and awakener.

Please feel free to email me at with any questions you have or schedule a call to chat!

With love,


Not sure what program is best for you? Interested in getting started ASAP? Have a schedule that requires a custom package? Interested in doing this as a duo or group? Schedule a call with me to get started! LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Payment plans available.