Want to get a glimpse of what’s possible for YOU?

My gift, a free future self visualization/meditation for you to see and feel beyond what you might be currently thinking is possible for you. 
Get out of your head, into your heart and body. See through an expanded vision

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Meet your Paradigm Shifter:

Hi, I’m Andrea and I am more than a Coach.

I am here to serve you as:
YOUR MIRROR,  to reflect back to you what you might need to look at and hear, but others might not see or say.
YOUR GUIDE,  as I won’t tell you the answers but I support you in an experiential journey for you to think and choose for yourself
YOUR LOVING INTERRUPTION, of the automatic habits, beliefs, thoughts that may come up as you move through changes and pave a different path
YOUR PARADIGM SHIFTER , creating the space for you to access your own clarity and insights for your life, purpose, and legacy.

Let’s go deeper. What do you want to explore?

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Sri Ramana Maharshi

“Your own self realization is the greatest service you can render the world”

Andrea is incredible at facilitating life-elevating breathwork experiences! I initially took it to release the weight of stress and expectations, but I've learned so much more about myself and my emotions in the process. Every session has felt so rejuvenating for the body and for the mind. Breathwork with Andrea is now a must-have form of self-care for me! 

“Breathwork is a must”

-Kevin, Los Angeles

Working with Andrea has been transformational in my way of Being. Our telegram portal has offered the space and support I was both craving and didn’t know I needed. At any time, whenever I need to speak something out loud, be supported, celebrated, witnessed, received and coached, I record a voice note or write out a message to Andrea. She always responds with presence and intention.

“Transformational in my way of being”

Victoria, Canada

Andrea has an incredible ability to bring out everything within you with such kindness and non-judgment, if you’re ready and open. Through her guidance and exercises, I was able to acknowledge the limiting beliefs I was still holding onto deep within me that were tied to the connections with my family and friends. I leave knowing what action to take to truly open myself up and create meaningful connections with the loved ones in my life, allowing me to begin the journey of owning my full power. I am so grateful to Andrea for creating such a safe space and an empowering experience. If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, time with her can help you open up that door.

“If you’re ready and open”

Alyssa, Los Angeles