Meet your Paradigm Shifter:

Hi, I’m Andrea and I am more than a Coach.

I am here to serve you as:
YOUR MIRROR,  to reflect back to you what you might need to look at and hear, but others might not see or say.
YOUR GUIDE,  as I won’t tell you the answers but I support you in an experiential journey for you to think and choose for yourself
YOUR LOVING INTERRUPTION, of the automatic habits, beliefs, thoughts that may come up as you move through changes and pave a different path
YOUR PARADIGM SHIFTER , creating the space for you to access your own clarity and insights for your life, purpose, and legacy.

Let’s go deeper. What do you want to explore?

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WELLTH (Well-being and Wealth)

What kind of wellth do you want to have?

My life has opened up to new possibilities and opportunities since I started working Andrea. It almost felt like I was living most of life in the dark and now I can truly see. I am much more aware and intentional. This change alone has given me so much. My relationship with others including my husband and family has changed significantly for the better. I experience deeper levels of love and connection that I did not know was even possible. Before her I was closed off to so much. Her guidance and support have been invaluable and I’m equipped with practical tools to navigate my everyday business, life and relationships.

"New possibilities and opportunities"

Belinda, Los Angeles

Andrea’s work has provided me with the two things that I needed the most in this journey: 1. REAL TOOLS/METHODS to help break my mental blocks and 2. a COMMUNITY of strong individuals who provide consistent, heart-warming support. Andrea combines both hard-hitting practical methods with somatic practices that help you internalize healing into your fully body, mind, and spirit. On top of that, she attracts the most bad-ass, compassionate, powerful people. 


Crystal, Los Angeles

Andrea is real. She is someone that I can trust and open up to. Andrea is present with you and listens to you then challenges you with questions to make you think. She helps you realize the answer with support and guidance. I notice and have learned more about myself. I know when I'm grounded, let go of the stories and come from a non-judgmental place I can be a good friend, business owner, girlfriend, sister, daughter, leader, teacher and much more. I'm grateful to have come across Andrea as this came to me at the right time.

"I can change and shift to that kind woman I want to be."

-Jeanie, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles