I invite you to reflect on the following:
What would your Business and Life be like, if you evolved beyond the current version of yourself? One where you do not get bogged down with the “shoulds”, limiting constructs, false narratives, inner conflicts, doubt and fear?
Who would you be?

- You’re a cyclebreaker, here to do things differently than what you were taught/used to.
- You’re an entrepreneur, multi-passionate creator, ever-evolving human
-You’ve achieved a certain level of success “on paper” and on an achievement level but know things can be done differently for your next level, business, venture, adventure relationship… 
-You want to do everything in a way that feels good and aligned to you, and you want all of it In your own way
-You want to release previous anxious, critical, perfectionistic tendencies and know/master yourself in a deeper way

Is this you?

Because you:

want a new way of Being with ease, clarity, and  expansion AND know that this not only affects, you but also your team/company/family/relationships/future

Calm and Clear

Through our breath, You can access altered states and your deep imagination, shifting your energy, reprogramming limiting thought patterns and receiving wisdom and deep insight. You can regulate your body into safety, peace and calm. Through continued practice, you can fully realize and embody the power that you have and create your Business and Life from that place.

(bi weekly or monthly)
  • 12, 75 minute breathwork  sessions = $4000

Clarify and Center

Cognitive clarity + emotional release in every session. Through an ontological approach (a focus in your Being and therefore who you are/are becoming), we will create a coaching plan to guide your growth. Every session will be guided based on what YOU want to focus on, and I will support in your creation of actionable steps, clarity of vision and everything in between.

Minimum 6 month commitment. Typical client engagement consists of One 90 minute visioning call + 12 60 minute coaching calls with bi-weekly sessions across 6 months.  Starting at $3,500. 

Private Personalized Breathwork Sessions

Private 1:1 60 min Coaching Sessions 

Transform and Embody- Customize

This package will be customized to you and your needs and can be a combination coaching sessions, breathwork sessions and access to messaging in between sessions. 

For new clients, there is a minimum 6 month commitment for any package as this is meant for foundational transformation for the inside out.


This is for you if are a verbal/external processor and want to practice sharing yourself/your voice and perspective, asking for what you need, receiving support in your everyday. I am your partner in living and creating consciously and will respond within 12 hours through this offering with what may support and re-align you at that time.

  • Connect with me via telegram and have me in your pocket, where you can send unlimited text/audio/video messages
  • Includes a monthly 60 min coaching call

3 months $3000

Ready to commit to a deep dive exploration of the inner workings of YOU?

Unlimited Telegram Messaging 

Syed Balkhi

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth.”

How this will flow:

Fill out the form with intention and indicate the option you’re interested in to schedule a call.

During this time (45 minutes) we will have a conversation where you get to share why you are seeking coaching now, what you'd like to focus on and what kind of support will get you to the next level leadership. 

If it feels good and a fit for both of us, I will send you an agreement. Once finalized, sessions will be scheduled and we will begin our work together in our coaching relationship, getting you the support you need on a regular basis. 

Please note: working with me 1:1 is a commitment to long term transformation and are at minimum a 3 month commitment. All require deposit to schedule sessions, and can accommodate payment plans. Feel free to DM me to start a conversation before a call!

What is your greater purpose in Life?

What is the legacy/gift you want to give to the world?

What has shaped your desire to create these outcomes?

What practices, actions and ways of being will support you creating your desired outcomes/living your purpose?

How do you Be your Legacy everyday?

We will explore this and more in coaching.
You will walk out with...

A transformed relationship to expectations, work, time, energy

Clarity of your Self, values and vision

Courage to do things differently

Ability to self-regulate in ways specific to you and your Body.

Tools to check-in with yourself and communicate needs

Confidence to embody your  authenticity

Tools, practices, questions to live in alignment daily


100% Responsibility


Mastering your emotions


Non Violent/Compassionate Communication











My approach focuses on using using your self-awareness and natural evolution for creating the Business and Life you desire, consciously, instead of through past learned behaviors. Practice and embody the below:

Because I wasn't looking for someone to give me the answer, I was looking for someone to support me in cultivating and trusting my own answers. And that's exactly what Andrea does - through her presence, intuition, and awareness she is constantly guiding me back to myself. I love that what we focus on isn't just about "what to do", it's how we BE when we take aligned action. She cares deeply about her clients, and I feel that. Her reflective questions invites you to embody your insights, her compassionate energy welcomes you exactly as you are, and her coaching is powerful.

“I was drawn to working with Andrea”


In my way of Being. Our telegram portal has offered the space and support I was both craving and didn’t know I needed. At any time, whenever I need to speak something out loud, be supported, celebrated, witnessed, received and coached, I record a voice note or write out a message to Andrea. She always responds with presence and intention.

Our container is safe, compassionate and non-judgmental, all conditions to support growth and possibilities. Our coaching calls amplify the magic we create in the telegram portal.

Andrea is kind, her way of Being is potent, and she cares deeply about supporting me in my own way of being as well as the legacy I am building. It is an honor to be supported by Andrea.

“Working with Andrea has been transformational”

Client Testimoial