I do this work so we can become the

So happy you’re here! Take a breath. Welcome to my World where:
All parts of you are welcome, Evolution is a way of Life, and You create the life, relationships, business and legacy YOU desire, just by being you and doing what you want. Sound too good to be true? It’s 100% real. It all starts from the inside out, all the way from your breath, body, nervous system, not just your mindset. It is a full body experience.

Work with me to: 
Create a business and life(style) that is aligned to your values and vision
Build a foundation of unshakable confidence, trust and security within yourself
Equip yourself with the mindfulness and tools to break stale habits and old patterns
Become more of yourself and unlearn that which is not your true essence.

Together, let’s go DEEP and transform your Business, Life, Relationships from one of “survive and strive” to one that feels like THRIVE AND ALIVE
I’ve made breaking cycles, questioning the status quo, creating a business and life on my own terms my NORMAL and my life’s work. 

What do you say to doing that together?

we wish to be and see (but might not have had) in this ever-changing world.





I love getting to know my clients. We actually go quite deep. Let me
share some 'fun facts' with you.

4 things about Andrea


Before I became a Coach myself, I worked in all sorts of industries, and even worked for a Business Coach. This is where I noticed that working on mindset alone was not enough for a full body transformation.


Breathwork was my form of therapy and awareness. At the time I started, no one was talking about therapy let alone wellness, so I explored mindfulness and meditation. I came across it completely by accident. It helped me to connect back to myself.


I went to school for Fashion Design (FIT in NYC), and have worked in the fashion, non-profit, hospitality, social media industries since. The common thread is to serve and support others in feeling and being their most empowered self.


I believe that all of the things you’ve ever struggled through or experienced make you uniquely poised to be and create what you desire.

What I Specialize In...

I specialize in supporting humans of Pan-Asian descent, more specifically 1st-2nd generation entrepreneurs and multi-hyphenates. People who often feel like they are in between worlds or "in transition." People who are dismantling the narrative of doing more and following a path, and instead releasing and rewriting over anything they may have learned or have done because they "thought they should."

As a daughter of two Korean immigrants, I have learned what it's like to live by default, expectation and inherited trauma and scarcity.... AND ALSO know what freedom to choose, share, feel and be is like.
I’m now on a mission to supporting others find THEIR own way.

Transform from the inside, out

It’s time to shift and transform.
Free Yourself, Trust Yourself, Lead Yourself

WELLTH (Well-being and Wealth)

What kind of wellth do you want to have?